If you have indicated interest in another member, you will be notified if and when he or she indicates interest in you, too.

If a member has indicated an interest in you, you will be notified through email the name of the member who is Interested in you. Then when you enter the Profiles section of Stitch, this member that is Interested in you will be one of the first few members you see. When you see the stars on their profile, this means they are interested in you. You then have the ability to Accept if you are Interested as well - This will then create a Stitch between you and them. You will then be able to send a message to your Stitch.

If and when a member indicates interest in you after you have already indicated interest in this member, a notification will appear on your Stitch homepage. That is why we recommend you check your notifications often - a Stitch may occur when you least expect it!

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