A "Stitch" (or a match) occurs when you and another Stitch member have indicated interest in one another. These Stitches will then appear in the "Stitches" tab in the "Profiles" section of Stitch.

As you browse through each profile of Stitchers in your area, you have 3 different options:

  1. Interested - If you ARE interested in that Stitcher, click the Green button, and select one of the 4 options that you feel best describes how you feel about the member.
  2. Dismiss - If you are NOT interested in that member, click the "Dismiss" button.
  3. Later - If you are not sure and would like to decide later, click the "Later" button.

If you select one of the Interested options, the member will be alerted of this, and your profile will soon show to them. If they accept and are Interested, too, you will be Stitched together, and will be able to message each other going forward.

Keep in mind that another member may indicate interest in you whenever he or she is browsing, so a new Stitch or a new message can pop up at any time! That is why we recommend that you check your notifications and your "My Stitches" section often.

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