Many of you have been asking us “Why can’t I search by age?” When Stitch first launched, it included the ability to enter your age and to specify the preferred age range of the people you want to meet. Unfortunately, we found this caused a couple of problems:

Problem 1: Lying About Age

During the Identity Verification process, Stitch asks you to enter your birthdate so we can verify your identity and confirm that you are over 50. This age is not, however, shared on your profile -- Stitch strongly believes that someone's numeric age should not be a primary way of assessing someone's compatibility.

In addition to the verification process, we allowed members to enter their (unverified) age and their age preferences on the Search Settings page.

Unfortunately many of our members have experienced age discrimination on other sites, and felt compelled to enter an age which was not their real age. They told us they felt that they had to lie since “others” had done this on some online dating websites.

At Stitch, we never want to make anyone feel they have to lie about anything. We really want to encourage a community of truth, quality, and sincerity.

Problem 2: Missing Out On Profiles

Because members were not entering their real ages, we saw that many of them were missing out on seeing other people's profiles because they had put a different age than they actually were. Because Stitch ONLY shows you people who have overlapping preferences (you fall into their age preference and they fall into yours), this restricted your list of potential companions and caused so many Stitchers to miss out on great profiles.

As a result of both these issues, we decided that the filter was hurting the overall Stitch experience, so we have removed it for the time being. Because Stitch enforces mutual consent, you will always have control over who can contact you. If you see a profile you are not interested in, simply select “Not Interested” and you will never be able to communicate with that person.

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