You should already know by now that Stitch isn't a traditional dating web site. 

(In fact, as far as I can tell, the word "traditional" when applied to dating sites seems to mean something like "soul-crushing places that introduce you to a bunch of scammers and fakes, make it impossible to cancel your account, and make you feel even more isolated than you were already" ... but that's a discussion for another day! 😀 ) 

Stitch is a community, one that our members join, rather than just a web site they use. 

That means that our pricing structure is built very much with a membership philosophy in mind, much like the way most clubs or societies work. This article describes each membership type in detail, as well as answering the most frequently asked questions about Stitch membership options.

Stitch Membership Options

The Stitch membership options can be found on the Membership page inside Stitch, which will show you three different membership types, as seen in the picture below:

Each of these membership options is described below.

Community Only Membership

Our Community membership is for members who want to take part in all the community activities of Stitch, such as attending Activities & Events, Stitch Travel, Discussion Forums, and take advantage of Member Benefits & Discounts, but who don't want to browse Stitch member profiles to connect with other Stitchers for one-on-one companionship.

Full Membership

As the name implies, a Full membership is the highest level of membership on Stitch and gives you all the benefits of being a member of Stitch. This includes all aspects of the Stitch Community, as well as the ability to browse unlimited Stitch member profiles to connect with other Stitchers for one-on-one companionship.

The majority of Stitch members choose the Full Membership option.

Both Community Memberships and Full Memberships are valid for one year. They renew annually but renewal may be cancelled at any time, just by clicking Manage Subscription on the Membership page.

Limited Membership

For members who want to see what Stitch is all about but don't feel ready yet to commit to a full year as part of the community, Stitch also offers our Limited membership option. 

Limited members are able to do most of the things that a Full member can do, but have a limit on the number of profiles they can view each day. Limited memberships generally work out much more expensive on a monthly basis than a Full membership, so we always encourage members to switch to a Full membership as soon as they can.

Limited Memberships renew automatically each month, but just as with the Community and Full Memberships, renewal can be cancelled at any time by clicking Manage Subscription on the Membership page.

Below are some of the most frequently asked question about Stitch membership pricing and how Stitch works. If you don't see an answer to your questions here, check out the rest of our help articles on the Stitch Help Center, or else feel free to send us a message!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of membership for each membership type?

Our annual and monthly membership fees vary in different countries based on different exchange rates and currencies. In the US and most other countries, a Limited membership costs $24 per month, while Community membership is $80 per year, and Full membership is $120 per year (i.e. $10 per month).

Stitch currently supports pricing in local currencies for Australian and UK members, and we hope to add more countries later this year.

Go to the Stitch Membership page to see the membership fees that apply in your area.

Why are the annual plans so much cheaper than the monthly plan?

One thing we've learned at Stitch is that the best relationships don't happen by reading and dismissing thousands of profiles online. They happen by being engaged in the community, getting to know other members based on shared interests, and judging them by how they behave more than what they say about themselves on their profiles.

We've also learned that finding the best relationships takes time. So that's why we try to make our annual plans as attractive as possible, to encourage members to join the community for the full year, and maximize their chances of getting the most they can out of being part of Stitch.

What is Unlimited Profile Browsing?

Profile Browsing is the part of Stitch which lets you view the profiles of other members one by one. It is akin to how many dating sites work, with the notable difference that Stitch lets you choose friendship as well as (or instead of) romance if that's your preference.

Unlimited Profile Browsing means you can view as many profiles as you like without any limits — as long as there are profiles to see, Stitch will show them to you!

Can I try Stitch for free before joining?

Stitch gives you a sample of 5 free profiles when you first sign up. After that, if you're still not sure whether you're ready to join and would like to see a more profiles first, we give you a range of ways of seeing additional profiles.

These include improving your profile to 5 stars, helping spread the word about Stitch on Facebook, and getting your account verified. 

Do you have a Free membership option?

While you'll only get the real Stitch experience by choosing one of the membership options listed above, we do recognize that not everyone is able to pay for a membership. That's why we do provide a very limited free option. 

As long as you have completed your Stitch profile and verified your account, you are able to respond to connection requests from other members, and communicate with them through Stitch. You won't be able to browse profiles yourself, or participate in any community activities.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! If you don't want your membership to renew in the next billing period, just select Manage Subscription on the Membership page and cancel your renewal.

Can I switch between membership types?

Absolutely. If you've already selected one membership type and want to change to a different one, simply press the Change Plan button on the plan you'd like to switch to on the Membership page:

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