Member badges are the colored boxes displayed to the right next to a person’s name in comments, or beneath the name on a profile page. They let you know how trusted in Stitch community another member is.

There are four badges for members on Stitch. These are:

New Member

If a member has signed up within 30 days and has not yet been verified, they will have a New Member badge on their profile. After 30 days, if a new member hasn’t verified themselves, the badge will change to ‘Not Yet Verified’.

Unverified members have limited capabilities in Stitch. They are:

  • Unable to see other members full profiles, including their photo and name
  • Unable to post comments to Discussion Forums, Events, Groups and Travel


The first level of trust in the Stitch system is the Verified badge. A member who is Verified has either submitted online information to Stitch to allow us to verify their identity (but have not submitted their photo ID) or have been verified in person by other Stitch members at a Stitch event.

Getting verified means you can:

  • See full profiles and communicate with other members via Stitch messaging
  • Attend Stitch events and activities
  • Post comments on Stitch Discussion Forums, Events, Groups and Travel


Being Trusted is the highest level of verification on Stitch. It shows, without any level of uncertainty, that you are the person who you claim to be.

The easiest way to become Verified and Trusted is via Stitch’s “Photo Check” ID Verification process. This takes a photo of your photo ID and compares it to your face via your webcam. This is our most secure version of online identity verification and earns you the Verified and Trusted badge immediately.

We do know, however, that some members don’t have a webcam, and some don’t like providing details on the internet. So, we offer some alternative options to become Trusted, including:

  • Hosting a Stitch event that other members attend
  • Attending a Stitch event and asking a Stitch team member to verify you

Note: If you are already Verified and want to become Trusted, send a request to and ask for options to be upgraded to Trusted.

Community Champion

Our Community Champions are people who are are superstars in the Stitch community. These members have helped the community by creating over three events in their area. These members work closely with the Stitch team to provide feedback and improve the experience using Stitch.

Community Champions can verify new members at events. 

If you have any additional questions about member badges, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are always happy to help!

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