Identity verification is one of the most important aspects of Stitch. Ensuring that our membership consists only of real, verified individuals is one of the things that sets Stitch apart from pretty much any other community. That means getting verified is one of the most important things our members need to do before they start using Stitch.

We wish that we lived in a world where verification like this wasn’t needed, but unfortunately scammers and spammers are all too real. We believe that anything we can do to keep our community safe and secure is worth it.

Stitch provides three simple ways to get yourself verified:

  • Through your social media account (i.e. Facebook or LinkedIn)
  • Using a photo of you holding up a unique code Stitch provides
  • Attending a Stitch event and asking a Community Champion to verify you

To get verified, go to the Verification page by:

  • Selecting More in the top menu
  • Selecting Settings
  • Selecting Verification

You'll see a page which looks like this:

Getting Verified using a Photo

The simplest way to get verified is using a photo of yourself holding up a unique member code provided to you by the Stitch system.

Here is an example of the sort of photo you need to take:

Photo verification doesn't require you to submit any personal details so is completely safe. You just need to make sure your photo includes the unique code Stitch provides to you.

If you have a webcam, iPhone or Android phone, taking a photo like this takes 30 seconds. You can upload it via the Stitch web site or send it to Stitch via email. 

Stitch will match your image to the photos shown in your photo, and do some extra analysis to check you are a real person in order to verify your account.

To use Photo Verification, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Photo verification button on the verification page
  • Stitch will give you some instructions about how to take your picture, along with your unique verification code, with a screen that looks similar to this:
  • Write your code on a piece of paper, and then choose Next.
  • Stitch will then prompt you to say how you would like to submit your photo, with a screen that looks like this:
  • Select Take your photo to take your verification picture using your webcam or the camera on your phone
  • Select Upload a picture to upload your verification picture from your computer to Stitch
  • Select Send via email to send your verification picture to Stitch. This option is useful if you are getting someone else to take your photo for you. Make sure you send the photo from the email address associated with your Stitch account.

Once you submit your photo for verification, the Stitch review team will usually have you verified within 24 hours. 

Getting verified using Photo Verification is free.


Getting Verified using Social Media

An alternative method of verification on Stitch is to verify your account using your social media information and a few other details. You can choose this option using one of the following social media accounts:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Stitch will check your social media information, and cross-match the information it provides against the information on your Stitch account, along with some other data such as your location and IP address, to determine whether you account can be verified. 

If successful, your Stitch account will be marked as Verified. You will be able to view the photos and profile information of other members, and communicate with them on Stitch.


Your social media information is only used internally by the Stitch system to verify your account. Your Facebook or LinkedIn profile is never shown on your Stitch account or shared with other members, and getting verified in this way does not permit us to post anything on your social media account on your behalf.

Getting verified via Social media verification is free.


Getting Verified by a Community Champion

The final way to get verified is to ask one of the many Stitch Community Champions to verify you.

A Stitch Community Champion is a Stitch member who has contributed to the Stitch community by hosting at least three events in their area. You will recognize Champions on Stitch when by their "Champion" badge, which looks like this:

If you know a Community Champion personally, or meet one at an open Stitch event, simply ask them to verify you and they will be happy to help out.

Getting verified by a Community Champion free.

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