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If you are a Stitch Community member, you are able to send a direct message to any other member you see in the community, wherever you see their profile.

Any time you see a member profile picture, you can click on it to open that member's profile. In the comments for a Stitch Activity, for example, just click on the member's profile picture as shown in the image below:

This will open that member's profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Send a message button.

This will open the Send a message dialog box. Type in your message and press Send:

Accepting and Replying to a Direct Message

The first time someone sends you a message on Stitch, you will be sent an email notifying you that they have requested to message you.

Your Inbox will show the message request:

If you open the message request, you'll see that you are given a choice of whether to Accept the message request, or to Reject it, as shown below:

If you would like to reply to the message, press Accept (Please note: You need to be Verified to Accept a message and reply back). 

If you would not like to reply to this Stitch member, and would not like this Stitch member to contact you again, press Reject

Once you have accepted a message request, you can send messages to that Stitch member as often as you like.

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