As outlined in our help article on Stitch memberships & pricing, Stitch members who have not yet taken out a membership subscription are known as Basic members

Basic membership of Stitch is free, and provides access to a small subset of the Stitch Community for those people who aren't ready to fully join yet. You can stay a Basic member as long as you want.

This article outlines what new and Basic members can access in the Stitch Community.

All members start out as Basic when they first join, so let's take a look at what you can (and cannot) do in the community from the moment you first join.

Basic members can:

  • Attend unlimited "open" Activities & Events activities (i.e. events that have not been reserved for "Full members only")
  • Communicate with event organizers
  • Create and organize events and activities of their own
  • Join "open" Stitch Groups

Basic members cannot:

  • Participate in online discussions about events they are attending
  • Send direct messages to other group attendees
  • Send direct messages to other group members
  • Create, view, or join Stitch Dicussions
  • Create Groups
  • Connect with members one-on-one using the Members page
  • Earn Membership Points
  • Become a Community Champion

Attending activities

When a new member joins Stitch, they are allowed to attend unlimited "open" events. Stitch lets them do this as a way to get introduced to what the community is all about. 

For Basic Members, Stitch enforces the following rules:

  • Basic members can only attend ONE event before being required to complete their Stitch profile.
    Some new members feel uncomfortable posting a profile picture on a website they've only just joined, and only relax when they realize how safe Stitch is after they attend their first Stitch event and meet other members.

    Stitch lets them attend one event in order to let existing members introduce them to Stitch -- and in some cases help them with their profile!
  • Basic members need to make sure they get themselves verified at one of their first THREE Stitch events.
    Community Champions can verify you in person at a Stitch event, or you can get verified online. Stitch gives you three opportunities to ask a Champion to verify you at an event, after which you can't attend events unless you are verified.

    Please note that while you can come to three events as an unverified member, you CANNOT communicate with any other members online. That includes sending messages to other event attendees & posting questions for the event organizer. So get yourself verified as quickly as you can!

Below are a few of the common questions members often have about Basic members on Stitch.

What about browsing member profiles?

The article above describes how Basic members access the Community part of Stitch, which includes Stitch Groups, Activities and Discussions. 

The one-on-one companionship part of Stitch, which includes the ability to browse member profiles, is limited to Full members only. 

The reason for this is that Stitch's social mission supports enriching our members' lives through the activities, groups and discussions they can participate in on Stitch, and is why we provide limited access to the community to Basic members.

Experience has shown us that the one-on-one companionship part of Stitch is more likely to be abused by members who have not paid a membership fee, so we limit this to Full members only in order to protect our members.

What if I don't want Basic members coming to my activities?
That's totally fine, and is something many members in established communities decide, as they often find Basic members are less likely to be reliable attendees at their events and activities. When you create your activity, simply choose to make it or "Full members only", and Basic members won't be able to attend.

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