A common request from existing community members has been for the ability to easily help other members set up and complete their profile, especially new members who may have difficulty doing so. 

We understand that some new members struggle with completing their profile, so we have granted our most trusted community members -- our Gold, Platinum and Diamond members -- the ability to help new members set up and complete their profile. 

There are a variety of reasons why new members may struggle with completing their profile. They may find it difficult to write about themselves, or have difficulty finding or taking a photo of themselves and uploading it to Stitch. 

Whatever the reason, we know it can be a very challenging process for some new members.

That’s why we allow Public members to attend ONE event within their first month without needing to complete their profile. This gives them the opportunity to seek out Gold status level and above members at the event and ask for help in completing their profile. 

If you are a Gold, Platinum or Diamond member and are attending the same event as a new member, you can help them complete their profile by following the below method. 

From within a Stitch Group you are both part of, or from a Stitch Activity you are both attending, select the Attendees tab, find the new member, and then select the three vertical dots to the right of their name. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Set up profile & verify. See image below. 

Then follow the prompts to complete the other member’s profile! 

Helping another member complete their profile is a simple, quick and wonderfully supportive gesture that  goes a long way in helping new members better engage with the community. 

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