In the next couple of weeks we will be introducing some changes to Stitch memberships, specifically around what Basic members get as part of Stitch.

How things work today

The current membership model is built around the concept of Stitch Groups, with Basic members allowed to join a single Group and participate in it fully, by attending group events, messaging group members, and participating in online discussions. 

We built the system this way to help existing community groups and organizations bring their members and activities into the Stitch Community.

Why it's changing

Unfortunately this approach created a number of challenges, both for event organizers and Basic members themselves.

Many members found the system hard to understand, and weren’t sure which Groups they were allowed to join. Event organizers who wanted to have Basic members attend their events gave us feedback that the system made it hard to do so. Lots of Stitch Groups ended up being created for single activities, rather than serving any other purpose in the community. And many Basic members figured out ways to abuse the system and turn up at events anyway.

Basing membership permissions on Groups may have been great in theory, but it was terrible in practice. 

The good news is that the Stitch team isn’t afraid to admit when we haven't got things right, and are always happy to change if we think we can make things better. So over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing changes designed to make things simpler and fairer for everyone!

New rules for Basic members

The new changes will mean Basic members get the ability to attend a lot more events and activities, but will get less ability to use Stitch to connect with other Stitch members through the Stitch platform. 

Basic membership will let you get a lot out of Stitch if you’re willing to get out there and meet other members in the real world, particularly if you’re willing to contribute to the community by creating activities that you would like to do. This is consistent with Stitch's mission to have a positive impact by getting people to form social connections in person, doing activities they enjoy.

At the same time, we want to recognize and reward those members who support the community by becoming Full members, so if you truly want to get the most out of being part of the community -- or are focused on using Stitch to connect with other members one-on-one -- you’ll need to become a Full member. 

Basic members will be able to:

  • Join as many “open” groups as they want 
  • Attend as many “open” activities as they want (i.e. activities that are not reserved for Full members only) 
  • Send messages to the event organizer
  • Suggest activities of their own

Basic members will not be able to:

  • Join “Full members only” groups
  • Attend “Full members only” activities
  • Post comments on activities and events
  • Join online discussions 
  • Send messages to other event attendees or group members
  • Browse member profiles to connect one-on-one
  • Earn membership points & rewards
  • Earn Community Champion status
  • Create Stitch Groups

Full members naturally get the ability to do everything listed above. Other changes for Full members include:

  • Full members will be able to choose whether they want their events to be open for Full members only
  • Making an event part of a group will be optional, not mandatory. If you want to create an activity for a specific group, you can do so from the Group detail page

Want to find out more?

If you’d like a bit more background on the upcoming changes, our latest community update gives a bit more background. You can check it out in the video below!

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