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Reasons to volunteer with Stitch
Reasons to volunteer with Stitch

The rewards and benefits that come from volunteering with Stitch

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We are told time and again by Stitch members and volunteers that volunteering with the Stitch Community is one of the most rewarding experiences of their life. 

Discover all the reasons you should volunteer with the Stitch Community below.  

Champion a good cause 

Loneliness has been called the “the epidemic of the 21st century”.

61% of American adults have reported feeling lonely, and 25% of Australians say they are lonely each week. Even worse, the stigma associated with loneliness and isolation means it is most often unrecognised and under-reported, meaning that those in need do not get the help and support they need to lead happy and healthy lives. 

When loneliness is not addressed, the effects to our mental and physical wellbeing are detrimental. Studies have even shown that if you’re over 60, loneliness increases your risk of death more than obesity, alcohol, poor diet, or lack of exercise, and is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 

That's where the Stitch Community comes in.

As a Stitch volunteer, you will be helping to address and reduce loneliness and social isolation in your local community, regardless of what Stitch volunteering option you select. All options ultimately help with raising awareness of the Stitch Community, connecting individuals in need with volunteers, and helping prevent these societal issues so no future generations experience them. 

Since 2014, over 981 Stitch Community Volunteers have made an impact on loneliness and isolation, assisting over 6,000 people in over 50 cities worldwide.

Share your skills to benefit a good cause 

In case you're not aware, the Stitch team itself is extremely small (only 5 employees!) and the fact we're a social enterprise means we are always likely to be constrained by very limited resources. 

That's why we're always looking for people with a desire to put their unique skills and expertise to use to address loneliness and social isolation in their local communities. 

There really is no limit to the sorts of things which volunteers can get involved in. So far volunteers have included former CEOs, sales and marketing experts, and aestheticians.

Make new friends and companions 

Stitch is designed to help local communities connect, and enable as many people as possible to make meaningful friendships that enrich their lives.

All Stitch volunteers (provided they are at least 50 years old) are more than welcome to join Stitch and take advantage of all the Community has to offer, which includes friendship and companionship with like-minded individuals.

Volunteering is good for your health 

Numerous studies have revealed the positive effects of volunteering on our mental and physical wellbeing. It aids in not only reducing our stress levels and strengthening our immunity, it boosts our confidence levels, and increases our overall sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

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