This article is part of a set of articles about Volunteering at Stitch. If you haven't read our volunteering overview yet, you should do so before reading on. This article is intended for members who have become Community Champion Volunteers.

Congratulations on becoming a Community Champion Volunteer!

As a volunteer, we ask that you help us engage the Stitch community by hosting regular activities over a 12-month period. This article will outline everything you need to know about posting your activities to Stitch, including:

  • Step 1: How to post your first Stitch Activity

  • Step 2: How to invite members to your Stitch Activity

  • Step 3: How to duplicate your Stitch Activity

  • Step 4: How to create a Stitch Group (optional)

You'll also discover some handy tips that will help make your activities a success!

Commercial Activities

Community Champion Volunteers are not permitted to host activities where they can benefit financially from them. If you wish to host such activities, please read this article.

Volunteering How-To Guide

Step 1: Post an activity on Stitch

Hosting regular Stitch Activities is by far the most important part of volunteering.

Members who attend these events begin to feel connected to everyone else and learn how safe and welcoming the community is. And for many of them, that usually means they start contributing more to the community -- attending more events and even hosting some of their own.

Activity requirements

  • Have at least three activities scheduled on Stitch at any one time, in whatever way suits you. For example, one activity can be scheduled for November, one for December, and one for January.

  • Activities can be in-person or virtual/online

  • Activities can be based on an interest you have or be kept social such as a coffee get-together at a local cafe. They can include everything from a walk or picnic in the park, a leisurely tennis game, or a virtual Happy Hour or Mix & Mingle.

  • Some time should be dedicated at every activity to welcoming new members and helping them get verified

PLEASE NOTE: All volunteers are representing the Stitch not-for-profit charity, and must always act in accordance with the charity's purpose and values, which includes being welcoming to all members. This means that official Stitch volunteers must not block or exclude any members from their Groups or Activities. If you only want to engage with specific members, you will need to do this via a Private Group. If you believe a member needs to be excluded from your events because they are being disruptive or breaching the Stitch Community Guidelines, just contact Stitch so we can deal with it.

How to post a Stitch Activity

The below video demonstrates how to post an in-person activity.

The below video demonstrates how to post a virtual/online activity.

Apart from your regular activity which must be hosted consistently, you are more than welcome to host other one-off activities that interest you.

Find a movie that you’d like to watch with Stitch members? Post it as an activity! Discover a new restaurant in your neighborhood that you’d like to try? Post it as an activity on Stitch!

Are Stitch members notified when an Activity is published?

When you post an activity to Stitch the members you have invited will be notified via email.

Depending on what email notifications they have enabled, these members will receive a notification about your activity:

  • As soon as it is published on Stitch, or

  • A day after it is published on Stitch, or

  • In a weekly email featuring activities occurring in the following week.

Even though members receive an automated email inviting them to your event, we encourage you to reach out to them directly to introduce yourself and invite them to your activity, especially new members. Discover why this is important in Step 2 below!

Step 2: Invite members to your Activity

If you haven’t already discovered the Members page we encourage you to do so, as it's a great way of connecting with other members, allowing you to expand your social circle with enriching one-on-one connections.

Plus, you can invite your new connections to your upcoming activities!

Follow the below instructions to find and message new members, members who live close to you, and members who share your interests

Finding new and nearby members

  • Go to the Members page:

  • Set your location. In the example below, you'll see it's set to Parramatta

  • Where it says Sort by: select either Newest or Closest

  • After you select the Search button you'll be presented with members who match the criteria you've just specified

  • Invite these members to your upcoming activities!

Learn more about the Members page:

Viewing new members in your area

Viewing members based on distance & location

Finding members who share your interests

If you are hosting an activity with a particular focus (for example, a leisurely tennis game), then search and invite members who have specified that they are interested in tennis.

  • Go to the Members page:

  • Set your location. In the example below, you'll see it's set to Parramatta

  • Type your interest in the search bar

  • You'll be presented with members who match the criteria you've just specified. Invite them to your upcoming activities!

Interesting to know

New members are 17x more likely to participate in the Stitch community if they have received a welcoming message from an existing Stitch member -- that’s you!

We encourage you to find new members, send them a welcome message and invite them along to one of your upcoming activities. That small gesture will make them feel valued and part of the community!

Here’s an example:

Step 3: Repeat. Repeat. Repeat

Hosting recurring activities is one of the most important requirements of being a Community Champion Volunteer.

Recurring events are important because members who attend these events begin to feel connected to everyone else and learn how safe and welcoming the community is. Plus, if a member is not available for your upcoming activity, they can RSVP to one that's scheduled for the future.

Please always have at least three upcoming events on Stitch, even if they are spaced a few months apart.

​How to post a recurring activity

  • Find the activity you would like to duplicate (doesn't matter if it's upcoming or already passed)

  • Select Settings

  • Select Duplicate

  • Selecting Duplicate takes you through a series of questions that are already pre-filled with your existing event’s details. You can change as many or as few details as you like, including the event’s name, its time and date, and attendee limit.

  • Submit your activity when you’re done

Step 4: Create a Stitch Group (optional)

Stitch Groups are a great way for like-minded members to form communities around their particular interests. It’s not mandatory that you create one as a Community Champion Volunteer, however, you are more than welcome to do so if it interests you.

From your group you’ll be able to initiate discussions and organize activities specifically for members in your group.

Take a look at some of the groups that volunteers have created.

To create a Stitch Group, select the red Create a Group button from the Groups page. Learn more about Stitch Groups here.

Tips for hosting a successful activity

1. Send a reminder to your attendees before your activity

Send a reminder to your event attendees a day before your event, reminding them of the event and asking them to remove themselves from the attendee list if they are no longer attending.

To do this:

  • Go to your activity’s page on Stitch

  • Scroll down to the Comments section and write your message

  • Make sure to turn on the toggle that says Make announcement. When it's on, the toggle will turn blue

By making an announcement you are making sure that everyone attending your event is alerted to your comment, either via an instant notification on their phone or an email.

Some of your attendees may have elected to not receive notifications every time someone leaves a comment. An announcement bypasses this setting and sends it to all attendees, even if they have elected to not receive updates.

Please only use this Announcement feature for important updates and reminders.

2. Welcome new members

It’s important to make new members feel included and part of the community, so please take a moment at every event to introduce new members to your group, and then have everyone applaud or cheer them. Won’t that make them feel special!

If they are comfortable, encourage new members to say a few words about themselves at the event.

3. Verify new members

Identity verification is one of the most important aspects of Stitch. Ensuring that our membership consists only of real, verified individuals is one of the things that sets Stitch apart from pretty much any other community. That means getting verified is one of the most important things our members need to do before they start using Stitch.

If you have become a Community Champion (hosted at least 3 activities), you have the ability to verify members at your in-person activities.

Follow the below steps to verify a member:

  • On your activity page, select View More > to see your full list of attendees

  • Find the unverified member’s name, distinguishable by their light green badge that says LIMITED

  • Select the three horizontal dots to the right of the person’s name

  • Select the option that says Verify

Requirements for verification

One question commonly asked by Community Champions who are considering verifying another member is: "what information do I need to check in order to verify them?"

The main purpose of verification is to protect the community from the biggest problem found on online sites, which is online scammers.

With this in mind, the process of verification is very simple. You only need to confirm:

  • That the member is a real person (pretty easy if you have met them in person!)

  • That they are physically located in your city (again, very easy if you meet them in person)

  • They are over 50 (in most cases you can tell this by looking at them, and don't need to ask to see any proof)

4. Tips for hosting a virtual event

Below is some advice to help you run a successful and enjoyable virtual event.

  • Encourage all attendees to turn on their video cameras. Seeing each other’s faces is far more meaningful than staring at a black screen

  • Encourage your attendees to connect to your video chat in a quiet place. Alternatively, ask your attendees to mute their microphone when they are not speaking, especially if they are in a noisy location

  • Encourage everyone to enjoy themselves. Give them time to grab a hot beverage, to get comfortable, and create a welcoming environment where everyone will feel comfortable to participate in the discussion

5. The most important thing is ...

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself at your activities!

You may be a Community Champion Volunteer, but you’re also a member of Stitch. That means we want you to take advantage of every opportunity that will allow you to make wonderful new companions and friends for yourself 😊

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