The Stitch Discussion Forums, otherwise known as Stitch Chat, are where members from all over the Stitch community come together to discuss topics of interest. 

The Forums page on Stitch can be found by:

  • Selecting Community from the top menu
  • Selecting Chat in the submenu

The main forum page will show you a list of the discussions, along with the profile pictures of the Stitch members who started the discussions, as shown below.

The most popular discussions are shown at the top of the page, while the rest of the discussions are ordered by when the most recent comment was made.

If you select a discussion, you will open the discussion details page, as shown below:

To join the conversation, just type your comment and press the Post Comment button at the top of the page.

When you post a comment, you will be prompted whether you want to Follow the discussion. Following a discussion means you receive email notifications about any responses that other members make in the discussion. This can be turned off by pressing the Unfollow Topic button at the top of the page, as shown below.

Stitch Community Guidelines

When participating in the Stitch Forums, it is essential that you understand and follow the Stitch Community Guidelines. The guidelines can be found at the following link:

Please ensure you familiarize yourself with the guidelines, and report any comments which you feel are out of line with the behavior expected in the Stitch community.

Reporting Comments

If you see a comment which you strongly feel is out of step with the community guidelines, you can report it to the Stitch support team. To report a comment:

  • Hover over the comment until you see the "Report as inappropriate" link displayed, as shown in the image below
  • Click on the link, and enter your reason for reporting

Comment Ratings

You won't want to report many comments as inappropriate. More often, you'll want to give some gentle feedback about whether the comment makes a positive or negative contribution to the community, and is an example of the behaviors all members are expected to exhibit.

You can do this by using the Rate this comment buttons above the comment:

  • Select the "+" button if you think the comment makes a positive contribution to the community and is a good example of the Stitch community guidelines (and remember, the #1 guideline is Be Respectful!)
  • Select the "-" button if you think the comment is a negative contribution to the community, or doesn't follow the community guidelines

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