The Travel page on Stitch lets you:

  • Find a travel companion for a destination you would like to visit
  • Suggest a destination & have other Stitch members contact you about it
  • Find and attend a Stitch Trip, which is a group travel experience to attend with other Stitch members. Past Stitch Trips have included cruises to Mexico, trips to Cuba, and the Great Stitch Get-Together in Monterey California in 2017

The Travel page can be found on Stitch by:

  • Selecting Community from the top menu
  • Selecting Travel from the submenu

You will see a list of Stitch Trips as well as travel suggestions from other Stitch members, as shown in the picture below:

Suggesting a trip

To suggest a new trip, select the Suggest a Destination button at the top of the Travel page, as shown below.

Stitch will prompt you for details about the trip you would like to suggest. 

Finding trips & travel companions 

By default the Travel page shows you a list of all destinations which have been posted by other members. You can change the trips you see by changing the search settings at the top of the page.

To change your search settings, select the pencil icon, as shown below:

This will cause the scope selector to appear, as shown below:

You can change the settings as follows:

  • Travel Type lets you determine what trips you'd like to filter by:
    My Trips are the trips you have created, trips you have registered to attend, and those you have shown an interest in
    Upcoming Trips are those yet to occur
    Past Trips are those have have already occurred
    Open Trips are those that both Full and Basic Members can attend
  • Location lets you specify the search location 

You will also notice the search bar on this page. It will appear as the below: 

This lets you specify a search term that appears in the title or description of the trip, to help you find trips you might be particularly interested in. For example, write "Italy" in the search bar if you would like to view only trips to this country.

Attending and commenting on Stitch Trips

If you'd like to attend a Stitch Trip, simply click the I am interested button at the top of the page. This will register you for the trip, as well as giving you the option to subscribe to any comments other members make on the trip.

It is usually a good idea to make a comment on the event at this point, to let the organizer know you are coming along, ask questions, and get to know the other attendees. To make a comment, just enter your comment and click the Post Comment button at the top of the conversation as shown below.

Expressing Interest in a Destination Suggestion 

Unlike an Stitch Trip, a Suggestion isn't an organized group trip, but just a way for you to connect with another member about a trip you would both like to do.

If you see a suggestion you like, simply click the green I am interested button at the top of the page. 

You can also send a message to the member who suggested the trip. Simply click the Message button beneath the organizer's image. With luck, you'll have a new travel companion in no time at all!

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