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Setting your companionship preferences
Setting your companionship preferences

How to tell Stitch about the sorts of companionship you are looking for

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The individual profiles that are presented to you on the Members page are based on what you have specified on the Members Settings page.

In the example above, this member is looking for friendship with both men and women, with people in their local city. That means Stitch will try to ensure that all profiles shown on the Member suggestions view of the Members page will match these criteria.

In the Search Criteria section you can change what type of companionship you are looking for and from what gender. 

You can also change the location of the people you are searching for. In the Distance Preferences section, moving the green dot toward the left narrows your search results to people in your local community. Moving the green dot to the right exposes you to people in the wider Stitch community. 

Both these sections can be changed at any time. 

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