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Meeting Stitch Members
Viewing members Stitch suggests to you
Viewing members Stitch suggests to you

How Stitch determines which members to suggest to you, and how to use the Members page to meet other members based on shared interests

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The Stitch Members page is an important way for you to meet other members of the Stitch Community for one-to-one connections, rather than at group events and activities or through interest Groups and Discussions.

Stitch recommends member profiles to you based on a number of factors, including:

  • Your companionship preferences (for example, are you looking for friendship or romance?)

  • Your distance preferences (do you want to meet people only within a few miles of you, or are you happy to meet members who live further away?)

  • The number of interests you have in common

  • How responsive those members are to new messages

  • How active those members are in the community

  • Profile quality

Member cards on the Members page will selectively highlight aspects of the profile which may have caused Stitch to recommend them to you. A typical suggested member card may look like this:

At the top of the card, you will see a range of member "highlights". In this case, Stitch is highlighting that Robyn is very responsive, and has 3 shared interests with you.

Over her profile photo, some of the interests Robyn shares with you are shown. The blue/green icon of three people toward the right is the friendship icon, indicating she is seeking friendship.

If you see a green dot on someone's profile, it indicates they were online today.

Improving your profile ranking

As you might be able to tell from the section above, Stitch uses not just the information you put on your profile, but also your behavior in the community, to determine whether to introduce you to other members. 

To increase your chances of meeting likeminded companions, and to help ensure Stitch shows you the best profiles possible, you should:

  • Make sure you add interests to your profile. We'd usually recommend adding at least six or seven interests, though you are more than welcome to add more (up to a maximum of 20)

  • Make sure you complete your profile. That includes adding several photos to your profile, answering all the profile questions, and writing a decent profile description. Extremely short "About me" descriptions don't get suggested very often.

  • Make sure you always respond to new messages. Stitch will only highlight you as "Very responsive" if you reply to new messages when someone new tries to connect with you. Even if you're not interested in chatting, a simple, polite "no thanks" will do wonders for your profile ranking.

  • Get involved in the community. Community champions and members who contribute actively to the community are recommended more often by Stitch and get far more connection requests from other members.

  • Expand your companionship preferences. Don't focus solely on romance, for example ... Stitch has plenty of relationships that started out as friendships first! 

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