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Community Champion Volunteers help create and grow the community in their local area (and sometimes beyond), by engaging with and connecting other members through Stitch activities and interest groups. 

Becoming a Community Champion Volunteer involves three things: 

Commit to 12 months 

Communities don't suddenly spring into existence overnight. They generally start with a small number of members and grow gradually over time. 

We've seen that the communities which have proven to be most successful generally started with one or two Community Champions who were patient and consistent in their approach to starting the community. 

In order to make a difference to their community, we require that all Community Champion Volunteers be prepared to commit to 12 months.

That may seem like a long commitment, but it doesn't usually feel that way, as being a Community Champion Volunteer is actually a great deal of fun and most volunteers keep on doing it far longer than 12 months (in fact most never stop!). We just try to make the 12 month commitment clear so that you understand the community may take some time to become vibrant.  

Host regular Stitch Activities & Events

Hosting regular Stitch Events is by far the most important part of volunteering with Stitch. 

Members who attend these events begin to feel connected to everyone else and learn how safe and welcoming the community is. And for many of them, that usually means they start contributing more to the community – attending more events and even hosting some of their own. 

PLEASE NOTE: In light of the coronavirus pandemic, some locations will not be able to host in-person activities. That's OK, the regular activities can be virtual ones instead, just as in the image below. You can read about virtual activities on Stitch here.

Scheduling & Event Requirements

  • Please have three events posted on Stitch at any one time (they can be spaced months apart!)

  • Some time should be dedicated to welcoming new members

Optional: Create a Stitch Group

Community Champion Volunteers have the option to create a Stitch Group.

Stitch Groups are a great way to form a community around a particular interest or location. Within Groups volunteers can initiate discussions and organize activities specifically for members of their group, fostering an inclusive community.

Below are some groups our Community Champion Volunteers have already created.

That's all there is to it! But you can have more fun too, if you want

That's all the requirements for being a Community Champion Volunteer. It's not much, is it? It's super fun and rewarding, so we actually find that most volunteers tell us they want to do more than just create regular events – they want to participate more.

You are more than welcome to fully immerse yourself and take full advantage of Stitch – attend other people’s activities, join groups that interest you, and reach out to other Stitch members individually to welcome them to the community. We encourage you to make the most of it! 

Please know that any additional activities you host (outside of the three regular activities mentioned above) are entirely up to you, and Stitch will not place any restrictions or limitations on these events. You are free to host what you like, when you like, for as many people as you like. 

Below are some examples of the additional activities being held around the world. 

I'm interested! How do I get started?  

If you think that becoming a Community Champion Volunteer sounds like something you would like to do, and you can commit to all the requirements listed above, then Stitch will provide you a complimentary Stitch membership to help you get the community started in your area. 

The process of becoming a Community Champion Volunteer is pretty simple, and involves five simple steps. If you'd like to know how to get started, click the button below. 

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