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Sending a message to anyone in the Stitch community
Sending a message to anyone in the Stitch community

How to send a message to anyone in the Stitch community

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The Stitch Community pages cover all the pages under the Community item in the top menu, and include:

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If you are a Stitch Community member, you are able to send a direct message to any other member you see in the community, wherever you see their profile.

Any time you see a member profile picture, you can click on it to open that member's profile. In the comments for a Stitch Activity, for example, just click on the member's profile picture as shown in the image below:

This will open that member's profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green Message button.

Selecting the Message button will open a dialog box, as shown below. Type in your message and select Send.

Selecting the blue Later button will save this member's profile in your Inbox, for when you want to reach out to them in the future.

Please note that Public members have limited capabilities in regard to sending private messages. Learn about who they can send messages to here.

Accepting and Replying to a Direct Message

The first time someone sends you a message on Stitch, you will be sent an email notifying you that they have messaged you.

 New message can be seen in the Messages submenu, as shown below:

If you open the message, you'll see a bit more information about the person who contacted you, along with a number of options for how you could respond:

You can choose to do one of the following on the direct message page:

  • Choose View Profile to see their full Stitch Profile

  • Choose Archive to remove this member's conversation from your Inbox. Note that they will be able to send you messages in the future.

  • Choose Block if you do not wish to be contacted by this member ever again. They will no longer be able to send you messages on Stitch.

  • Finally, if you'd like to respond to them (and we hope you do, it's basic politeness!) then just type them a new message and choose Send Message

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