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Describes how to view and connect with the members in your area, location, or city

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One of the first things most members want to know after joining Stitch is how many members have joined the community in their area.

This sounds like a simple question, but giving everyone the answer they are looking for is a lot more difficult!

For one thing, "in your area" means different things to different people. Some members are only interested in their own neighborhood, for example, while others want to meet people across their whole city, no matter where they live.

Stitch also relies on the location data provided to it by Google Maps when you enter your location into your profile. Google location data varies greatly from location to location and country to country, and the information Google provides Stitch for every member depends a lot on what they choose to enter in their profile. Some members may enter their actual neighborhood, while others will enter a generic city name, like "New York", "London", or "Sydney".

To help all members better find and connect with members in their area, Stitch now uses three location descriptions that apply to all members, no matter where they live. For each member:

  • Location is the specific location returned to Stitch by Google Maps when you enter your location in your profile

  • Area is the larger area around your location. Depending on the country you live in, this might be your county area, or your local municipal government area

  • City is the city in which you live.

On the Stitch Home page, Stitch will do its best to show you the members in your location, area, and / or city, with cards that look like this for your location:

Or this for your area:

Or this for your city:

The card you see will depend on the country you live in, the location you've selected on your profile, and the number of members in your area. If you select the View All button, Stitch will open the Members page to show you the profiles of all the members in your area.

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