Members who create discussions will be asked to specify a location scope for them. There are several options:

  • The global Stitch community

  • Your country, region or location

  • Your local area

This article outlines the differences between the options, and when you might choose one type or another.

The global Stitch community

By selecting The global Stitch community you are opening your discussion to all members of Stitch, regardless of where they are geographically located.

Selecting this option is best for discussions that would be of interest to all our members, regardless of where they live. This could include discussions about the arts, culture, food and dining, sports, dating, friendships, etc...

All Full members can create worldwide discussions.

Your country, region or location

Selecting Your country, region or location allows you to select a specific location for your discussion by adjusting the toggle that will appear. See image below.

From the example, the toggle is set to Country which means that your discussion will be visible to everyone in Australia. Move the toggle down to limit the geographic location.

For example, if you wanted to start a discussion about supermarkets in your suburb, which in this case is Strathfield, you would move the toggle to the bottom where it says Suburb. This then would contain your discussion to members who live within this suburb, as these are the members who would benefit most from such a tailored and specific discussion. Members in the whole of Australia would most likely not be interested in such a localised topic.

The location you have specified in your Stitch Profile is what will appear on this page. If you’d like to change it you will need to change your location from your Stitch Profile.

All Full members can create country-wide, state-wide, regional and suburb specific discussions.

Your local area

By selecting Your local area you are opening your discussion to all members who live closeby to you. This includes members in your direct and surrounding suburbs.

All Full members can create local discussions.

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