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About Stitch Activities, Events & Suggestions
About Stitch Activities, Events & Suggestions

A guide to member activities and events on Stitch

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One of the most important aspects of the Stitch community is the incredible number of member-driven events and activities that take place every week around the world. 

These activities and events highlight a few of the most fundamental and magical aspects of the Stitch community:

  • That we are a Community, created by members, for members

  • That while our members are looking for a wide variety of different types of companionship, from friendship to romance and everything in between, there is one thing that all Stitch members have in common. All Stitchers have lots of things they want to do, they just want to find like-minded companions with whom to share those activities

  • The Stitch philosophy that you are far more likely to find a like-minded companion by meeting in real life doing activities you enjoy, as opposed to browsing profiles online

  • Any member of Stitch has the ability to suggest, or to organize, an activity

Before we outline how to find, attend, and suggest events and activities yourself, there are a few definitions you should be aware of:

  • An activity Suggestion is just an idea for an activity that you, or any other member, proposes to the community as a way to find other members interested in that activity. By making a Suggestion, you are not committing to organize anything, you're just tossing an idea out to see who else is interested. You can learn more about Suggestions here.

  • An Activity is like a Suggestion but is more than just an idea: it is an activity that has a set date, venue, and location, and is published to Stitch for other members to attend. Activities range from very small (e.g. a catch-up for coffee for 2 people) to quite large (e.g. a dinner event for 20)

  • An Event is an alternative term members use to refer to Activities. Activities which include a very large number of attendees, such as a Christmas Party for the entire local community, are much more likely to be referred to as an "Event". The Stitch website doesn't display any difference between Events and Activities: both can be found on the Activities page on Stitch.

The Activities page can be found on Stitch as follows:

  • Select Community from the top menu

  • Select Activities in the submenu

You will see a list of all the Activities, Events and Suggestions that have been created by other Stitch members, as shown in the picture below:

What Events & Activities can I attend?

If you are a Limited member, you can attend all events except those that have a lock symbol. See the image below. Events that have the lock symbol are reserved for Full Stitch members.

Many events on Stitch are primarily for Full members, but are also open to new members of Stitch (i.e. anyone who's been verified in the last 30 days), as a way to welcome new members to the community and help introduce them to what Stitch is all about.

That means if you're a new member, it's a great idea to come along to some activities in your first 30 days after being verified! After 30 days, those events will be shown to you with the lock symbol and you'll only be able to attend if you become a Full member.

If you are Full member, you can attend all events on Stitch. 

Creating a new activity

To create a new activity, select the Create an Activity button at the top of the Activities page. Stitch will prompt you for details about the activity you would like to suggest such as its date, time and location.

You have the option to create both in-person and virtual events & activities.

In-person events are great for connecting you with other Stitch members within your local community. They include everything from coffee catch ups, informal brunches, movie outings, and dance lessons. Learn how to create an in-person activity here.

Virtual or online events provide another means by which you can connect with your fellow Stitchers, this time from the comfort and safety of your own home. Not only are they important for our geographically isolated members, but for members in locations that need to practice physical distancing or who wish to stay indoors due to extreme weather conditions (e.g. snowstorms). Learn how to create a virtual activity here.

Virtual events are distinguishable by their "Virtual" message, as shown in the image below. Discover how to post a virtual event here.

Finding activities 

By default the Activities page shows you a list of all activities which have been posted by members within a distance of 50km / 30 mi of you. You can change the activities you see by changing the search settings at the top of the Activities page.

To change your search settings, select the location that appears next to Activities for. In the example below, you would select Sydney.

This will cause the scope selector to appear, as shown below:

You can change the settings as follows:

  • Show lets you determine whether you want to see all upcoming events, only past activities, or upcoming activities within groups you are following 

  • Distance lets you specify how far away the events are. The "Closest" setting will start with events closest to you, and then expand its search to include events further and further away, to ensure you don't miss out seeing an event that's just outside your search radius

  • Location lets you specify the search location – this is useful if you are travelling to a different city and want to see what Stitch events might be coming up there

You will also notice the search bar on this page. It will appear as the below:

This lets you specify a search term that appears in the title or description of the activity, to help you find activities you might be particularly interested in. For example, write "Jersey Boys" in the search bar if you would like to view activities or events strictly relating to this show. 

Attending and commenting on Events

If you'd like to attend an event, simply click the Attend button at the top of the page. This will register you for the event, as well as giving you the option to subscribe to any comments other members make on the event.

It is usually a good idea to make a comment on the event at this point, to let the organizer know you are coming along, ask questions, and get to know the other attendees. To make a comment, just enter your comment and click the Post Comment button at the top of the conversation as shown below.

Recreating past events 

If you come across an event that has already occurred and are still very interested in it, you can suggest to make it happen again.

On the past event page you will see a button that says DO THIS AGAIN.

Selecting this button takes you through a series of questions that are already pre-filled with the past event’s details. You can change as many or as little details as you like, including the event’s name, its time and date, and attendee limit. 

Please note, when you duplicate an event like this the attendee list is refreshed, meaning the attendees of the original event will not be transferred to your new event. 

Also, members will receive membership points for creating a new event this way, even though it may be a replication.

Duplicating existing events

If you are an event organizer who would like to host recurring events on Stitch, you have the ability to duplicate one of your existing events and publish it on a different time and day. This saves you having to re-post the event every time.

To do that, go to the event you wish to republish, select Settings, then Duplicate, as in the image below.

Selecting Duplicate takes you through a series of questions that are already pre-filled with your existing event’s details. You can change as many or as little details as you like, including the event’s name, its time and date, and attendee limit.

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