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Meeting Stitch Members
How the Members Page works
How the Members Page works

Outlines how to use the Members page to meet other Stitch members

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The Members page is a directory of all the Stitch members in the community.

All members will appear on this page, regardless if you are connected to them or not. You will see a mixture of verified and unverified members, Limited and Full members, and people who both match and not match your companionship preferences.

There are two sections to the members page. Member suggestions will appear at the top of the page, while the general directory is further down.

Member suggestions

The "Member suggestions" view of the Members page looks like this:

The profiles that appear in the Member suggestions section are members that match your companionship preferences. You can view and update your preferences from Settings within the Members page.

If you do not wish to see these suggestions, select the X to close this section, as shown below:

General directory

All profiles in the general directory are a mixture of verified and unverified members, Limited and Full members, and people you may or may not have connected with.

By default, the profiles you see here are the Newest members of Stitch. You can, however, change the list to show you all community members who either live close to you, are the most responsive, or who were recently active on Stitch.

To do this, click the Sort by field at the top of the Members page and select your preferred option:

How to view a member profile

To view a member's profile, simply click on the profile card to open the member's profile page.

Standard and Plus members can browse and view an unlimited number of profiles. Basic members can view three member profiles and message one new connection per day. Limited members can view three Community Champion profiles and message one Community Champion per day.

Contact a member privately by selecting the Message button at the bottom of their profile. After your first message has been sent, a grey arrow icon will appear informing you that you have contacted this member and are awaiting their response, as on Karin's profile below. Clicking on this icon will inform you how long ago you sent a message to them.

If a member has contacted you and is waiting for your reply, a red numbered icon will appear on their profile, informing you how many messages they have sent you, as on Ann's profile below.

A blue chain link next to a person's profile means you have attended events together. If you see an envelope, that means you have exchanged private Stitch messages with that person.

If you no longer wish to see a particular profile, you can dismiss them from the Members page by selecting the X at the top right-hand corner of their profile. All members can dismiss up to 50 members a day.

Number of profiles you can view and message

The number of profiles you can view and message using the Members page depends on your membership type.

Having said that, if you achieve Gold, Platinum or Diamond status, are a Community Champion, or have an upcoming event on Stitch, the number of members you can browse and message increases significantly.

Stitch grants event organizers these greater abilities in order to help them find and invite more members to their events, to support their community-building activities.

Limited Members
Limited members can view the profiles of three Community Champions, and message one of those three, per day.

If a Limited member is hosting an upcoming in-person event, then the number of people they can view and message increases.

Limited members can respond to any messages they receive from Full members. They have 48 hours to respond to these messages.

Basic Members
The Basic membership plan is primarily focused on allowing members to participate in the Stitch Community. That includes unlocking full access to events and activities, the ability to message an unlimited number of other members that you meet through community events, groups and discussions, the ability to create Groups, and to get involved in the Stitch discussion forums. 

The Basic plan isn't for members who are focused on one-to-one connections. If you are looking to connect with lots of members in your area, you should choose the Standard membership plan, as outlined below.

Members on the Basic plan can view three member profiles per day, and message one of those three, per day. Having said that, if they are a Community Champion who has reached at least Gold level status, or who has an upcoming in-person event, then they have the ability to message members from the Members page.

Standard Members
The Standard membership was created for members who want to connect with other Stitch members one-to-one, in addition to participating in the Stitch Community. 

Members on the Standard plan can view and message an unlimited number of profiles per day.

Plus Members
Members on the Plus plan can view and message an unlimited number of profiles per day.

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