The Members page is where Stitch members get to meet other Stitch members for one-to-one connections (as opposed to meeting in groups at Stitch Events and Activities, or through Stitch interest Groups or Discussions). 

The Members page can list members based on either suggestions from Stitch, newest members in your area, or the members closest to you.

The "suggested members" view of the Members page looks like this:

To view a member's profile, simply click on the profile card to open the Member Profile page.

(Alternatively, select "View Profile" on the card action menu, which can be selected by clicking the three-dot menu in the top right hand corner of the card as shown below)

The Members page will only show the top 20 suggested members in your area. To see more members, you need to take an action on one of the members you are shown. 

Actions can be performed from the three dot menu shown above, but most of the time you will want to open a profile and look at it before making a decision about what action you want to take. Once you've opened a member's profile, you can take actions by selecting either the Message or More buttons shown at the top of the page, as shown below:

Each time you take an action on a member, their card will be removed from the Members page, and replaced with a new one from the hundreds of thousand Stitch members available for you to meet.

The actions you can take for each member you see are:

  • You can Message them to start a new conversation. This will send them a message, and remove them from your list. You can find your conversation with them in your Inbox, or on the History page.
  • You can skip them by selecting Maybe Later. This will remove them from your list temporarily, but suggest them to you again at some point in the future. Each time you skip a profile, it takes longer before it appears in your queue next time. 
  • You can permanently remove them from your list by selecting Remove permanently. This will remove them from your list and will tell Stitch not to suggest them to you again.

You can also report members if you believe the content of their profile is inappropriate or otherwise contravenes the Stitch Community Guidelines, or if they have behaved inappropriately in either private or public messages on Stitch.

Number of profiles you can view and message

The number of profiles you can view and message using the Members page depends on your membership type, as follows. 

Basic Members
Basic members can view five profiles per day, as a way to see the sort of members they are likely to meet in the Stitch Community. 

Basic members cannot, however, message other members from the Members page. The essence of a Basic membership is the ability to meet other members in the real world, at Stitch events and activities, not through online messaging. That is why Basic members get the ability to attend Stitch and activities, and even suggest, create, and organize events and activities of their own. 

Community Members
The Stitch "Community" membership plan is primarily focused on allowing members to participate in the Stitch Community. That includes unlocking full access to events and activities, the ability to message an unlimited number of other members that you meet through community events, groups and discussions, the ability to create Groups, and to get involved in the Stitch discussion forums. 

The Community plan isn't for members who are focused on one-to-one connections. If you are looking to connect with lots of members in your area, you should choose the Plus membership plan, as outlined below.

Having said that, members who have achieved higher status levels have usually done so by being community builders in their area, and often use the Members page to reach out to new members in their area to welcome them to Stitch, and help them get verified. Stitch grants them greater ability to connect with other members in order to support their community-building activities, as follows:

  • Silver members can 5 profiles per day and message 3 members per day
  • Gold, Platinum or Diamond members can view 10 profiles and message 10 members per day

Community Plus Members
The Stitch "Community Plus" membership was created for members who want to connect with other Stitch members one-to-one, in addition to participating in the Stitch Community. 

Members on the "Community Plus" plan can view and message 20 profiles per day.

Stitch also can support the ability to purchase additional profile views. If you are a Community Plus member and would like to view more profiles, please contact Stitch.

Community Managers
Members on the "Community Plus" plan can view and message 40 profiles per day.

Stitch also can support the ability to purchase additional profile views. If you are a Community Plus member and would like to view more profiles, please contact Stitch.

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