Earning Membership Points

A guide to earning Stitch Membership Points

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The Stitch Community is made up of thousands of members who believe in Stitch's mission so much so that they contribute countless hours to growing and engaging their local Stitch Community. 

As part of the Stitch Rewards Programs these members earn Stitch Membership Points as recognition for their positive contributions.

How do I earn Membership Points? 

To earn Membership Points, you need to make positive contributions to the Stitch Community. The three ways to earn points currently include:

  • Getting a new member to join

  • Organizing a Stitch Activity 

  • Paying or renewing your Stitch membership

These reflect the most significant ways that each Stitch member can help the community. We'll be adding other ways to earn points in the future.

Getting a new member to join Stitch 

Encouraging and helping new people to join Stitch not only earns you points, it helps grow your local Stitch community. With more people comes more opportunities for companionship, and potentially more Activities to partake in and Groups to join. 

If you invite people using your own personal invitation code, you can earn between 1,200 and 5,000 points depending on what membership plan the new member purchases. 

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Organizing a Stitch Activity 

Every time you organize an Activity or Event for other members you are making life not only enjoyable for yourself, but for every Stitch member who attends. And that really is the whole idea behind Stitch: we are a community of members who make our own lives better while helping others. 

That's why you can earn between 10 and 100 points for every member that attends your Activity. The more members who attend, the more points you earn. 

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Paying or renewing your Stitch membership

Every single membership fee that Stitch collects goes toward keeping the Community running, and because of this important contribution we reward you with points every time your membership subscription is renewed. 

You can earn between 200 and 1,200 points depending on the membership type you select. Simply put, the higher the level of membership, the higher the number of membership points you receive. 

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You can find out more about each of these ways to earn points by selecting the EARN menu item on Status & Rewards page, as shown below:

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