As mentioned in About Membership Points, Status Levels, and Rewards, your Stitch Status level reflects how many Membership Points you have earned in a 12 month period.
This means that the more points you earn, the higher your status climbs, the more recognition you receive from fellow Stitch members, and the more privileges you get on Stitch.

You can see your Status level on the Status & Rewards page from the MORE top menu in Stitch.

The seven Stitch Status levels 

Unverified Members

Members who have joined Stitch but have not yet verified their accounts will be shown with the light green PUBLIC badge. 

Unverified members can attend events and activities, but cannot communicate with other Stitch members until they are verified.

Unverified members cannot accumulate Membership Points. 

Public Members

Public (free) members of Stitch are able to attend and create open events and activities, and take part in most real-world activities in the community. 

They cannot attend Full member-only events, or use most of Stitch's capabilities for connecting with other members online, such as group discussions and one-on-one messaging.

Public members cannot accumulate Membership Points. 

Only Full members can accrue Membership Points. They are listed below: 

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond Members

Members who achieve higher member status through Membership Points will be indicated with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond badges respectively.

Starting on Bronze, every positive contribution earns you Points, allowing you to progress through the Status levels, ultimately reaching Diamond. 

Members with higher status levels stand out as people who frequently help others, and are often a good indicator of trustworthiness. 

Members with higher status levels also earn additional privileges on Stitch, including access to additional features, gifts and rewards, discounted memberships, and more.

Status & Membership Points: The Details summarizes the number of Membership Points required to reach, renew or upgrade to each Status level. 

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