PLEASE NOTE: The new features described in this article are currently in what's called "Beta Testing". This means they haven't been publicly released yet, but are being tested with a small number of Stitch organizers who have volunteered to help us test and refine the concept of getting feedback on the events they organize.

As part of Stitch's ongoing mission to promote our community values of kindness and compassion, and creating a welcoming environment for all members, we are currently trialling a feature which asks attendees at certain events for their feedback about the event.

The feedback window helps highlight many of the things we want to encourage all organizers to help attendees feel about their events:

If you found the organizer to be friendly and welcoming, then click that option! You can select as many positive options as you want.

Your feedback is kept anonymous at all times, and we won't be sharing specific individual feedback with organizers. We will, however, aggregate feedback across multiple events so we can congratulate the organizer on the positive impact they are having. An organizer may, for example, receive a message saying something like "43 members said you were friendly and welcoming this month. You're awesome!".

If you attended an activity where you didn't feel the organizer exhibited any of these behaviors, or your experience wasn't good overall, we also want you to tell us about it. Select the "Not good" option, and you can then can tell us that an event was Just OK, Disappointing, Bad, or Terrible.

In each case we ask for a reason why, with some guidance on the sorts of behaviour that justify each rating. You can't, for example, give a rating of "Terrible" if the host was significantly late; a "Terrible" rating is reserved for things like abuse or breaches of the Stitch Community Guidelines.

Once again, your feedback is kept anonymous at all times, and we won't be taking action based on any single member's feedback.

If, however, we found that 9 out of 10 people are giving feedback that a particular organizer is abusive, or sexually harassing other members, or breaching the Stitch Community Guidelines, then naturally that's something we want to know. Negative feedback from a significant percentage of attendees can and will result in suspension or expulsion from the community, depending on the severity of the offence.

Please note that if you found the event bad because of the behavior of other attendees (i.e. not the organizer), then we'd encourage you to still provide positive feedback about the organizer. In a future update we'll be giving you the opportunity to provide feedback about attendees who consistently breach the community guidelines, but for now we are only recording feedback that relates to the organizer themselves.

Here is a recent community update video which gives you some background about why we're adding these features and why they are important:

If you're an organizer who would like to be part of the testing phase of this feature, or would like to give us your feedback as an attendee, please email and let us know!

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