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The Stitch Community
The Stitch Community

About Stitch Activities, Events, Groups and Discussion Forums

About Stitch Activities, Events & SuggestionsA guide to member activities and events on Stitch
About Activity SuggestionsHow to suggest an activity on Stitch, and how to respond to a Suggestion made by another member
About Stitch GroupsA guide to Stitch Groups
About Stitch DiscussionsA guide to the Stitch discussion forums
About Your Stitch NetworkWhat "Your Network" means in Stitch, and how to use your network to grow your social connections in the Stitch Community
Choosing who can come to your activitiesEvent organizers can choose whether to open their events to members of the public or restrict access.
Choosing who can participate in your discussionsDiscussion owners and moderators can choose who is allowed to participate in their discussions
Attendance at Stitch events and activitiesCommunity rules and expectations about attendance at Stitch events and activities
Adding additional organizers & hosts to events, activities, and groupsHow to add co-organizers, change owners, and manage attendees in your events, activities, and groups
When are Activities & Events posted on Stitch?Learn when and if your activities will be automatically published on Stitch
Types of Groups on StitchExplains the differences between Regular, Public, and Private Groups
Growing the community in your areaA step-by-step guide to activating the Stitch community in your area
How to use Stitch Video ChatOutlines how to use Stitch's new Video Chat feature for Activities and Groups
Adding specific members to Stitch Groups and Stitch Events & ActivitiesA guide to adding specific members to groups and events
Extra Help for Stitch ChampionsHere are a few of the new features we've introduced to make Stitch better for Stitch Community Champions...
Understanding what constitutes sexual harassment and stalkingProvides additional detail on Stitch's policies around sexual harassment and stalking, raising awareness of what is unacceptable behavior
Waiting lists on Stitch events & activitiesOutlines how the waitlist feature works for Stitch events for both organizers and attendees
Organizer and Attendee Liability at Stitch Events & ActivitiesHelping event organizers and attendees understand any potential liability and protecting against it
Blocking other members from events and activitiesOutlines the Stitch Community rules for blocking or removing other members from your events and activities
Choosing a location scope for your discussionThis article outlines the differences between your options
General Discussions vs DebatesDiscover the two types of discussions supported on Stitch
Attending activities & events as a new memberMany activities on Stitch allow new members to attend, as a way to welcome them to the community and learn what Stitch is all about
Giving feedback about events, activities & member interactionsHow to give feedback to Stitch about your interactions with other members & help us make the community great
About event processing feesDescribes the platform processing fees incurred when organizers collect payments for an activity through the Stitch payments platform
About the Stitch Welcoming ProgramOutlines the Stitch Community initiative designed to help new members feel welcome when they join the community
How do automated personal invites work?Describes automated personal invites for in-person events, and who they are sent to
About Stitch TripsHow to suggest, organize, and travel with other Stitch members on Stitch Trips