Receiving new messages

How to search, check and respond to messages you receive

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If someone sends you a message on Stitch, the new message will show up in your Messages. The Messages icon will be tagged with a red number indicating the number of unread messages, like this:

Inside your inbox, new messages will be marked with a "New" indicator as follows:

Once you open the conversation to read the new message, these notifications will disappear.

Searching for people or messages 

If you’ve communicated with many Stitch members via private messages, your inbox may be filled with multiple conversations, making it difficult to find people and messages in your inbox when you need them. 

To find a certain person or conversation, your only solution was to scroll down the page and manually find the person or conversation you were looking for. Not any more.

With the addition of the search bar (see image below), you can now search your inbox by typing a person’s name.

So the next time you’re looking for your messages from John or Linda or any other Stitch member, simply type their name in the search bar and you’ll immediately be presented with your messages to and from them. 

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