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Stitch flyers, signs, posters and handouts
Stitch flyers, signs, posters and handouts

Fliers & other printable resources to help you grow the community in your area

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Here are some printable flyers and business cards that you can download to print out and distribute to help grow the community in your area.

Each item has a space for you to write your own personal Invitation Code, which will give anyone you invite a 10% discount off Stitch membership, as well as earning you Membership Points for every member who joins using your code. It's a win-win!

You can find your Invitation Code on the Invitations page on Stitch.

Community Flyers

Here are some flyer templates in both Letter format (for US members) and A4 (for the rest of the world):

Feel free to print them out and post them in as many places as you can think of! Local community centers, cafes, clubs, libraries ... all are places where you can promote the community and help meet new members!

Business Cards

Here is a business card template for business cards you can hand out to people you meet. It doesn't contain a lot of information about Stitch as this is one item you'll be handing out in person, and will be able to explain the community far better than any business card could.

How to add your invitation code

You'll see that the invitation cards have a dedicated place for you to insert your invitation code on the back.

To save you from hand-writing your Invitation code on each one, we have set up each PDF file as a form that will let you open the file in any PDF viewer and type in your code before you print it.

To do this:

  1. Open the file in your PDF Viewer

  2. Click on the area for the Invitation Code

  3. Type in your Invitation Code

  4. Save the file

It's as simple as that! Once the file is saved, you'll be able to print it ready to be handed out.


Both the business card and postcard templates have been designed to comply with the standard layouts used by Vistaprint, which is pretty much the cheapest printing option available to most of our members.ย 

At this stage, you'll need to print out these cards yourself on Vistaprint, as we don't yet have a facility to print and send out card packages to all our members. We hope that one day we'll have the ability to send promotional items to all our members.

In the meantime, thanks as always for your support in helping grow the community, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Stitch Signs

If you would like to bring a sign along to Stitch events and activities in order to allow members to find you more easily, feel free to print out one of the signs we have attached to the bottom of this article.

In addition to the PDF version, we have attached the original PowerPoint file, so that you can add extra info to the sign before printing.

Sign holders such as the one below can be purchased at most office supply stores for a few dollars:

You can also find a variety of signs, banners, displays, and other merchandise for order on the Stitch Store.

World Community Week Banner

For World Community Week, all members are encouraged to display our official World Community Week banner at your events and activities:

The banner can be purchased from the Stitch Store. You can also download the banner and print it yourself โ€” an image containing the banner can be found for download at the bottom of this article.

Information about Stitch

We are always looking for members who are interested in approaching local community groups, businesses, media, or government organizations in their local areas to help raise awareness about the community. We know Stitch can make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of people, and we would love to collaborate with any organization that is interested in improving the lives of older adults.

If you're interested in trying to convince local organizations in your area to get involved with Stitch, please feel free to contact us, as we will be happy to help in any way we can. We have also attached a couple of documents at the bottom of this article which you might find helpful:

  • About Stitch - addressing loneliness and isolation - a short PDF overview of the Stitch Community and its impact

  • About Stitch - a PowerPoint presentation with some general information about Stitch, which can be used as a starter template if you want to give a presentation about the community

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