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General Questions
General Questions

General questions about Stitch

About Stitch membership plans & pricingAn overview of the different Stitch membership plans, along with frequently asked questions
What do the Stitch badges mean?What are the badges and what do they mean?
How do I leave a review of Stitch?Outlines how you can help the community by leaving a review on various review sites, including the Apple App Store & Google Play Store
Why does Stitch have free & paid membership options?Explains the reasons behind Stitch's membership options
New & unverified Limited members attending activitiesOutlines the rules for new & unverified Limited members attending their first Stitch activities
Can I verify another Stitch member?If I am a Stitch member, can I verify other Stitch members who join the community?
What are the limits for Limited members sending private messages?Outlines the rules for Limited members who wish to communicate via private messages online
The Stitch Community: Understanding Stitch’s not-for-profit charityLearn how Stitch and the Stitch Community/ is addressing loneliness and social isolation
Can I donate to Stitch?How you can donate to Stitch to help make a social impact
Why do I see unverified profiles on Stitch?Why you'll sometimes see unverified profiles on Stitch
How do I join a virtual activity?Outlines how to get set up to participate in virtual activities, and make sure your system is set up correctly
Stitch flyers, signs, posters and handoutsFliers & other printable resources to help you grow the community in your area
Can I use Stitch for promotional or commercial purposes?Community rules about members promoting their businesses, services, or ideas on Stitch
Which web browsers and operating systems does Stitch support?Describes the web browsers and platforms officially supported by Stitch
Does Stitch have an iPhone or Android app?
Stitch vs Meetup: How is Stitch different from Meetup?Stitch vs Meetup: how Stitch differs from Meetup, and the reasons someone may have for choosing to be a member of Stitch, Meetup, or both
What do profile stars mean and how do I get more?An explanation of the stars you see on your profile when filling it out
Can I stop my profile being seen by other members?How to stay a Stitch community member without having your profile seen by other members
Getting support or help from StitchHow to contact the Stitch team to get help & support
How to change your location on StitchHow to set your location to meet members in other areas
Making sure Zoom connects to audio automaticallyHow to make sure Zoom connects to your device audio automatically at the start of a meeting
Reward Point Redemption RestrictionsOutlines some of the restrictions relating to the redemption of Stitch Membership Points for rewards
SilverSneakers Connect: FAQFrequently asked questions about the Stitch & SilverSneakers Connect program
Contentious or non-inclusive activities & discussionsRules and rationale regarding contentious or non-inclusive activities & discussions on Stitch, including what's allowed and what's not
Restrictions on Public Discussions in StitchOutlines some of the restrictions placed on Limited members who engage in Public discussions on Stitch
About Commenter RatingsOutlines the factors that influence Commenter Ratings on Stitch, and what members can do to improve their rating