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Restrictions on Public Discussions in Stitch
Restrictions on Public Discussions in Stitch

Outlines some of the restrictions placed on Limited members who engage in Public discussions on Stitch

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"Public" discussions on Stitch are discussion forums that are open to both Limited and Full members of the community. Stitch has introduced some new restrictions related to Limited members in Public discussions.

The changes are:

  • All Public discussions require members to maintain a Commenter Rating of Neutral or above. These restrictions apply to both Full members and Limited members. Members who have a negative Commenter Rating will not be able to participate in Public discussions. You can learn more about Commenter Ratings on Stitch here.

  • Each Public discussion can have a maximum number of 20 Limited members participating at any one time.

Members earn positive Commenter Ratings if their comments always exhibit the behaviors expected from Stitch members, which include:

  • Being kind

  • Being welcoming

  • Being supportive

  • Being patient & understanding

  • Being friendly

  • Helping resolve conflict

  • Promoting good behavior in others

  • Enriching other members' experience

Members will earn negative Commenter Ratings if an unacceptable number of their comments exhibit behaviors the community discourages, such as:

  • Being disrespectful

  • Being unkind

  • Being unwelcoming

  • Being offensive

  • Being insensitive

  • Being domineering

  • Being rude

  • Creating conflict

Commenter Ratings are explained in this article:

For an overview of these restrictions, along with the reasons we have introduced them, you can watch the following short video:

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