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About Stitch Discussions
About Stitch Discussions

A guide to the Stitch discussion forums

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The Stitch Discussion Forums are where members from all over the Stitch community come together to discuss topics of interest. 

The Forums page on Stitch can be found by:

  • Selecting Community from the top menu

  • Selecting Discussions in the submenu

The main forum page will show you a list of the discussions, as shown below.

If you select a discussion, you will open the discussion details page, as shown below.

To join the conversation, just type your comment and press the Post Comment button. When you post a comment, you will be automatically set to follow the discussion. Following a discussion means you receive email notifications about any responses that other members make in the discussion.

If you don’t wish to post a comment but would like to receive email notifications about any responses that other members make in the discussion, select the green Follow Discussion button.

This can be turned off by selecting the Stop Following link at the top of the details page, as shown below.

Location-based discussions

You have the ability to filter discussions based on a certain location (for example, you may only want to follow or participate in discussions in your local area).

From your default location settings, select your desired location from the For me in: field, as shown in the image below.

If you would like all the discussions you are following to appear at the top of the page, make sure the Pin discussions I’m following option is turned on, meaning it has turned green.

Creating a New Discussion

From the main Discussions page, select the red Create new button.

You will be taken through a series of screens asking for information about your discussion. For guidance on selecting a location scope for your discussion, visit our article Choosing a location scope for your discussion.

Once your discussion has been submitted for approval you will be able to keep track of its approval status by clicking into it from the Discussions page. A discussion that is not yet published on Stitch will feature the warning, as shown below.

You are able to make changes to your discussion while it is pending. This includes changing its title, description and background image.

Visit your discussion’s Settings tab to make changes to your background image and to change your discussion from a general discussion to a debate. Learn about the differences between a general discussion and a debate here.

Adding a moderator to a discussion

Discussion owners and co-moderators have the ability to add additional moderators to their discussion, just as with Stitch Groups and Stitch Events & Activities.

Co-moderators will have many of the abilities of the owner, including the ability to:

  • Request to block a disruptive member from the discussion

  • Hide inappropriate comments

  • Add additional co-moderators to the discussion

Top add a moderator, visit the Participants tab from within your discussion, select the three vertical dots to the right of the person you would like to add, and from the drop down menu select Add as moderator. See image below.

IMPORTANT: If a Discussion owner leaves Stitch, the discussion will be closed after 14 days. This ensures all discussions have an active owner or moderator.

If you are the current moderator of a discussion but are no longer interested in participating, please assign someone else as the moderator or else close the discussion. Visit the Settings tab and select Close Discussion to remove your discussion from Stitch.

Stitch Community Guidelines

When participating in Stitch Discussions, it is essential that you understand and follow the Stitch Community Guidelines. The guidelines can be found here:

Please ensure you familiarize yourself with the guidelines, and downvote any comments which you feel are out of line with the behavior expected in the Stitch community.

Comment Ratings

You have the ability to give some gentle feedback about whether comments other members have made make a positive or negative contribution to the community.

You can do this by selecting one of the below icons that appear next to comments.

  • Select the Like "♡" button if you think the comment makes a positive contribution to the community

  • Select the Dislike "☹" button if you don't agree with the comment, or dislike the sentiment it expresses

    Please know that the “Like” and “Disagree” buttons now both require confirmation, and the system makes it clear which members like or disagree with each comment.

  • Select the thumbs-down button if you think the comment exhibits one or more of the discouraged behaviors outlined in the Community Guidelines. If you select this option you will be doing so anonymously, and you will need to select a reason for it. Your options are shown below.

Comments which have been downvoted but not yet reviewed by Stitch community moderators will show in yellow. Comments which have been downvoted and reviewed by Stitch community moderators will show in red.

Please note that if your comments are downvoted by more than 6 separate members in a single discussion you may be temporarily or permanently suspended from that discussion. So please familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines and make sure you always treat others with kindness and respect!

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