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Adding additional organizers & hosts to events, activities, and groups
Adding additional organizers & hosts to events, activities, and groups

How to add co-organizers, change owners, and manage attendees in your events, activities, and groups

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Every event, activity, and group on Stitch has an owner. By default this is the person who created the event or group, and whose face appears beneath the event title:

For most events, this is all your need. Occasionally, however, an event is hosted by multiple people, and you'd like to appoint additional co-organizers or co-hosts to the event.

On other occasions, the original owner of the event can no longer attend, and they'd like to appoint somebody else to take over.

Both of these scenarios are easy to manage on Stitch.

Note: In both cases, the person you want to appoint needs to be either a new owner or co-organizer of the event needs to already be an attendee of the event, or member of the group.

To appoint an attendee as a co-organizer or co-host:

  • Find the list of attendees or group members near the top of the page, and select View More. This will bring up the full list of members who have joined the group or activity.

  • Next to each member you will see a small context menu button, which looks like three vertical dots. Select this menu to see a list of options you can choose for each member:

  • At the top of the menu are the items that are available to any member of the community: Message, View, and Report.

    Below this are the options that only the event or group owner will see: Add as organizer, Remove from event, Block member, and Make owner.

    These options are explained below.

Add as organizer appoints the selected member to be a co-organizer or co-host of the event. Their profile picture will show at the top of the event as seen in the image below, and they will also be able to block and remove members, as well as appoint additional organizers. 

The only thing a co-organizer can't do is appoint a new owner; only the owner of the event can appoint a new owner.

Remove from event/group will remove the selected member from the event.

Block member will send a request to the Stitch team that you would like to block that member from your event or group. You will need to explain why you wish to block that member, which will then be reviewed by the Stitch team. If a member is successfully removed from an event or group, they will not be able to join it again.

Make owner appoints that member as the new owner of the event.

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