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Payments for Stitch Events & Activities
About paid events & activities on Stitch
About paid events & activities on Stitch

Overview of how payments for events and activities work on Stitch, for both organizers and attendees

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One of the advanced capabilities of the Stitch platform is the ability for organizers to be able to accept payments from attendees for the events and activities they organize.

The system is designed to protect organizers from being forced to take on the risk of booking a venue that requires advance payment without being certain that everyone who clicks the "Attend" button is going to pay, while at the same time protecting attendees by ensuring that payments are made via credit card, and refund policies are clear and transparent.

All help articles relating to paid events and activities on Stitch can be found in the collection "Payments for Stitch Events & Activities", which includes the following articles:

Please note that in order to protect the community against misuse, only members who have earned the trusted Community Champion badge are eligible to accept payments from other members through the Stitch platform.

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