Stitch gives all group and event organizers (and co-organizers) the ability to add specific members to their groups and upcoming events and activities.

Why add members to my Stitch Events and Groups?

There are several situations where it’s important for you as an organizer to be able to easily and quickly add specific members to your upcoming activities or groups, such as:

  • If you are co-ordinating an event or group with another Stitch member, you can easily add them to your event or group and make them your fellow co-organizer with no delays

  • If a Stitch member has explicitly told you they wish to attend your next event, add them to your event so they don’t miss out, especially for events that fill out fast

  • If you are running a series of events (e.g. language classes) and want to make sure that the attendees from your first class have a position in your subsequent classes, add them to you future events to secure their spots

How can I add members to my Stitch Events and Groups?

Follow the below steps to add specific members to your event or group:

1. Select the Attendees tab from within your event (or the Members tab from within your group)

2. Select the blue button that says Add new

3. Type the name of the person you would like to add. If they meet all necessary criteria (see below restrictions), you will be able to select their profile and add them to your event or group.

If you know a member’s email address, you can add them to your event by typing their address in the search bar that appears.

All members that you add will receive an email notification alerting them that they have automatically been added to the attendee list of your event or the member list of your group.

Important to note about adding members to your event: You will not be able to add a member if your event is full. You will first need to increase your attendee limit, then add your desired member.

Limitations and restrictions

There are several criteria that must be met before you can add another Stitch member to your group or upcoming activity. The member you wish to add must be either of the below:

  • Must be someone you are connected to via private Stitch messaging, OR
    They must have sent you at least 1 private Stitch message, and they must have received at least 1 message from you.

  • Must be someone you attended a Stitch Event with
    You must have attended a Stitch Event with this person, either in-person or virtually.

IMPORTANT: The member you wish to add to your group or activity must also have communicated their intent to join your activity or group. You can only add members who have prior knowledge of your group or upcoming activity and have indicated that they will be attending/participating. Do not add members because you simply wish for them to join your group or activities.

Please note that in order to add a member to a regular activity, members-only activity, or members-only group, they need to be a verified, Full member of Stitch.

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