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New & unverified Limited members attending activities
New & unverified Limited members attending activities

Outlines the rules for new & unverified Limited members attending their first Stitch activities

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One of the principles of Stitch is that only verified members can communicate online with other members and click to attend events, as this is what helps to keep the community safe from scammers. You can learn more about verification here.

Attending Stitch Events & Activities

Stitch enforces one important rule for Limited members: Limited members must be verified before being able to click to attend an event. This includes both in-person and virtual events.

Please note that an unverified member CANNOT communicate with any other members online. So get yourself verified as quickly as possible!

Getting verified by a Community Champion

As mentioned, a Stitch member must be verified before being able to click to attend an event. Online verification is the primary and easiest way to get verified.

A Stitch Community Champion (trusted Stitch member who has hosted at least three events), can also verify you under two circumstances:

  • If you know the Community Champion personally (i.e., they are a friend or someone you have previously met in person).

  • If you are personally invited by a Community Champion to attend one of their in-person events as a guest. They'll be able to verify you at their event.

What if I am a Full member and don't want Public members coming to my activities?

That's totally fine, and is something many members in established communities decide, as they often find Limited members are less likely to be reliable attendees at their events and activities.

When you create your activity, choose to make it a "Full Members Only" activity, and Limited members won't be able to attend.


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