Stitch now allows organizers of events and activities to mark attendance after the event has occurred, telling Stitch who attended the event, and who did not. 

Marking attendance is optional, but it's important for a couple of reasons:

  1. Helping improve Stitch's safety and security, and
  2. Improving the community experience for everyone by reminding attendees about community expectations and guidelines about attendance at events & activities

1. Improving Stitch's safety & security

Stitch uses attendance feedback to distinguish between people who turn up at activities (and who therefore are clearly real people) and those who don't. We use this information when determining how much trust to give members on Stitch. Each time you mark another member as having attended one of your events, it helps Stitch verify their location and behavior, and increase their trust rating on Stitch. By contrast, members who never show up to an event will have lower trust ratings on Stitch.

2. Improving the community experience

If you've ever organized an activity, you'll know it's really disappointing when people mark themselves at attending but then don't show up. 

The Stitch Community Guidelines asks event attendees to be courteous to their event hosts, and let them know ahead of time if they are not going to show up, but this doesn't always happen. When you mark someone as a "no-show" at your event, Stitch gives them guidance and feedback about community expectations, and encourages them to communicate better about pulling out of an event in future. 

Members who repeatedly fail to show up at events without letting the organizer know will eventually have their accounts suspended.

How to mark attendance

A few hours after your event, Stitch will send you an email prompting you to mark attendance for the event. It will also prompt you to do so the next time you open Stitch. Doing so is optional, but we'd encourage you to do it for every event you host. It only takes a few seconds, and helps improve the community for everyone.

The Mark attendance interface looks like this:

  • If you are sure that someone attended your event, select the tick mark. 
  • If you are sure that someone didn't attend your event, select the cross.
  • If you are not sure whether someone attended or not, leave their selection blank. 

That's all you need to do! Once you've marked all the people you're sure about, just hit the Submit button, and you're done. 

As a bonus for helping keep the community safe, you'll be rewarded with 200 Membership Points each time you fill out attendance for an event. 

You can only mark attendance for an event up to 7 days after the event finished.

Guidance for attendees

Stitch has some simple rules around no-shows at Stitch activities and events:

  • The first time you're marked as a no-show, we'll send you an email to explain the community guidelines, and encourage you to let the host know next time
  • The second time, we'll send you another reminder, and explain why you need to make sure you RSVP properly next time
  • The third time it happens, you'll be temporarily suspended from attending further Stitch activities, and asked to contact the Stitch team for a bit more guidance

We understand that life gets in the way sometimes, so missing one activity occasionally isn't a major drama. If you attend three events in a row without being marked as a no-show, your record of no-shows will be cleared and set back to zero, as if it never happened. 

Here is short video which outlines the process and explains why these community rules exist:

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