If you are a Community Champion, then yes, you have the ability to verify new members at Stitch events and activities.

How to verify another member

You can verify other members through either the Stitch app or the Stitch web site; the method is the same for both. 

First, go to the Community home page and press the I would like to ... button, as shown in the image below:

This will display the main action menu. Press Verify a Stitch member as shown below:

You will be shown a page that indicates your location, and asks you to enter either the email address or membership code of the member you want to verify:

You need to make sure the email address you enter is the one that the member uses for their Stitch account.

A member's member code is the invitation code they can use to invite other members, and is found at the bottom of most community emails sent out by the system. It can also be found by clicking Invitations on the More menu on the Stitch home page.

Once you enter their email address or member code, press Search to bring up their profile, as shown below:

To verify the member, select Verify

Please note: the search will only return members who are located within your local area (i.e. within 50km / 31 miles of your location), who have not yet been verified.

Verify members through specific event attendee list 

This is an alternate method of verifying a member; it is done via the specific event’s attendee list. 

Follow the below steps to do so: 

  • On the specific event page, select View More > to see the full list of attendees 

  • Find the unverified member’s name, distinguishable by their light green badge that says PUBLIC

  • Select the three horizontal dots to the right of the person’s name 

  • Select the option that says Verify 

  • Congratulations, you have now verified this person! 

Requirements for verification

One question commonly asked by Champions who are considering verifying another member is: "what information do I need to check in order to verify them?"

The main purpose of verification is to protect the community from the biggest problem found on online dating sites, which is online scammers. (You can read more about the dangers of scammers online in our Definitive Guide to Staying Safe Online.)

With this in mind, the process of verification is very simple. You only need to confirm:

  • That the member is a real person (pretty easy if you have met them in person!)

  • That they are physically located in your city (again, very easy if you meet them in person)

  • They are over 50 (in most cases you can tell this by looking at them, and don't need to ask to see any proof)

The reason it is so simple is that even after you select Verify, the profile will go to the Stitch team for review. We also perform other security checks behind the scenes to validate their account. 

We can do a lot of security checks using technology, but the one thing we can't do is meet each new member in person.

This means you don't need to inspect their profile for compliance with Stitch community guidelines, vouch for their character, or anything like that. You just need to verify that their profile belongs to a real person from your area who is old enough to join Stitch.

That's it!

A final word on why verification is important

Verification of members is not only what helps keep the community safe, it also gives new members a real opportunity to see how much the other members in the community are there to help them out. 

Every time you verify a new member, you are not only helping make the community safer, you are also helping out someone who is probably quite apprehensive about joining something new.

That's why you really are a Champion!

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