If you click on a member card on the Members page, Stitch will take you to the Member Profile page. At the top of the card you will see the member's primary profile picture, along with key information about them, as shown in the example below:

As you continue to scroll down the page, you will see the rest of the member's profile, including:

  • Any additional photos they have included

  • Their interests -- interests they have in common with you will be marked with a yellow star

  • Their location

  • Their profile description

  • A list of activities or events that they have organized in the community

At the top of the page you will also see two buttons:

  • A Message button to allow you to start a new conversation with them

  • A More button which gives you additional options to control whether Stitch shows you this profile in future. If you select the More menu you will see a menu as shown below:

You need to message this member or choose one of the other options to remove their profile from the list of suggested members on the Members page, and for Stitch to show you the next profile in your recommended list.

  • Choose Message if you want to initiate a connection with this member. Simply type your message and select Send. They will receive a notification in their Inbox

  • Choose Maybe Later if you're possibly interested in connecting with this member. Stitch will remove the member from your suggestion list and show them to you again at some point in the future. In the meantime, you will be able to find this member's details in the Saved section of your History. 

  • Choose Remove permanently to tell Stitch to remove the profile from your suggestion list, and not suggest this member to you in the future

  • Choose Report from the More menu if you believe this profile is suspicious, contains inappropriate content, or the member has behaved inappropriately to you, and needs to be reported to the Stitch team

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