As mentioned in About Membership Points, Status Levels, and Rewards, each Membership Point you earn contributes to not only your Status but to your total accumulated Reward Points.  

Reward Points track the total number of points you have earned over the lifetime of your Stitch membership, and do not expire. 

Once you earn enough Rewards Points, you can redeem them for real-world gifts and rewards. 

You can see your Rewards Points on the Status & Rewards page from the MORE top menu in Stitch.

Redeeming Rewards Points

When you reach 12,000 Rewards Points, you can redeem them in order to: 

  • Renew or upgrade your Community membership 

  • Gift a Community membership to another Stitch member

  • Purchase Stitch merchandise

We will be adding additional redemption options in the very near future.

To redeem your Rewards Points, please visit the Stitch Store.

Please note that SilverSneakers Connect members cannot redeem their membership points for a renewal or upgrade of their own membership. They can, however, redeem their points to gift someone else a membership or purchase merchandise.

Pending Rewards Points

One thing to note about Reward Points is that they cannot be redeemed until three months after they were earned. This is to prevent the rewards system from being abused. 

Points which have been earned but which are not redeemable yet are shown under Pending Rewards Points at the bottom of the Status & Rewards page.

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