For an overview of how payments for Stitch events and activities work, along with the rules and guidelines for both organizers and attendees, please refer to the help articles in the collection "Payments for Stitch Events & Activities".

Stitch's standard refund policy for organizers of ticketed events on Stitch (i.e. events for which a prepaid fee is required) is as follows.

Refunds will be provided if:

  • Refunds will be provided if the event is cancelled or rescheduled, if the organizer removes the member from the event ahead of time, or the organizer's account is suspended, provided the member account is in good standing

  • Stitch's moderators determine that a refund is in the best interests of maintaining the integrity of the Stitch platform, to moderate fraud, misuse, or risk

  • The member cancels their attendance by clicking the "Stop attending" button, and contacts the organizer to request a refund, more than 7 days prior to the scheduled event

Refunds may be provided at the discretion of the organizer if:

  • The member wishes to pursue a refund for an event that did not meet their expectations, by contacting the organizer to request a refund.

Refunds will not be provided if:

  • The member cancels their attendance less than 7 days prior to the scheduled event

  • The member fails to attend the event, for whatever reason

If you wish to adopt a different set of refund policies for your activity than those outlined above, you must describe your policy in detail when creating your event.

Please note that Stitch is unable to mediate any disputes regarding processing fees or any other fee associated with the use of our payment system to accept or refund payments.

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