For an overview of how payments for Stitch events and activities work, along with the rules and guidelines for both organizers and attendees, please refer to the help articles in the collection "Payments for Stitch Events & Activities".

As part of Stitch's efforts to support all our members, we recently changed our community rules to allow members to receive a financial benefit from the events and activities they organize, provided they meet certain criteria and declare they are receiving a benefit.

There are two main scenarios in which receiving some kind of financial benefit is acceptable for an event or an activity you organize:

  1. You are a regular member who is hosting an activity where you're collecting an attendance fee through the Stitch platform, and you are retaining some of the attendance fees to help subsidize the expenses you incur associated with the activity, or for general use. Examples of such expenses may include the cost of a Zoom Pro account, petrol or gas, membership of the venue or club where you're hosting the event, etc.

  2. You are using Stitch to promote a business, charity, community, or service.

In the first scenario, you simply need to check the box to indicate you are receiving a financial benefit when you create your activity on Stitch.

In the second scenario, you will need to subscribe to a Stitch Pro account. Please contact Stitch if you are interested in finding out more about Stitch Pro accounts.

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