Attending a paid event or activity

General questions about attending a paid activity for attendees

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For an overview of how payments for Stitch events and activities work, along with the rules and guidelines for both organizers and attendees, please refer to the help articles in the collection "Payments for Stitch Events & Activities".

How do I attend an activity that requires an attendance fee?

To attend an activity where the organizer is charging an attendance fee, simply click the "Attend" button on the event. Stitch will prompt you to confirm you are willing to pay the nominated attendance fee, by charging the credit card you have stored with Stripe for your Stitch membership.

If you don't have a stored card, or your card has expired or is out of date, Stitch will prompt you to enter new credit card details in order to pay your attendance fee.

Why do some organizers charge an attendance fee?

Stitch allows trusted organizers of events, activities, and groups to accept payments from attendees through the Stitch platform. Organizers may choose to do so for a variety of reasons:

  • To collect payment for an in-person venue that requires payment in advance

  • To collect a deposit from attendees, so that the organizer can cover any losses if the attendee chooses not to attend

  • To recoup expenses associated with running or organizing the event or activity

  • To earn a small amount of money to help pay for general expenses

How do I know whether the organizer is receiving a financial benefit?

Each organizer is required to declare whether they are receiving a financial benefit from their event or not. If the organizer is not receiving any financial benefit, and is just collecting attendance fees to pay for venue hire or the cost of the activity, you will see the following declaration on the activity details page:

If, on the other hand, the organizer is receiving a financial benefit from the activity, you will see a declaration to that effect on the activity details page.

It's then completely up to you whether you attend the activity or not. If you'd prefer not to attend activities organized by members who are receiving a financial benefit, you can choose to filter activities organized by those members on the Activities page by selecting the Dismiss button ⓧ on the activity card.

Why am I charged a processing fee for in-person events?

The nature of taking payments online via credit card unfortunately means that processing fees are involved when an attendee pays for an event using the payments platform. Please refer to the article About event processing fees for an explanation of what the processing fees are, and why they exist.

How are refunds handled for paid events?

An event organizer can choose one of two options when defining the refund policy for their activity:

  • They can choose to adhere to Stitch's standard refund policy for ticketed events

  • They can choose to define their own refund rules

If an organizer has selected to adhere to Stitch's standard policy, you will see the following notification on the activity details page:

If you cancel your attendance before the 7 day limit, Stitch will process your refund automatically. Please note it may take several days for the amount to appear on your statement, and the amount refunded will be the ticket fee minus the processing fee.

If an organizer has chosen to define their own refund policy, the activity details page will outline the policy details. Typically an organizer will choose to define their own refund policy when they are booking a venue that requires advance payment, and the venue has a refund policy of its own.

If you cancel your attendance at an activity and believe you are entitled to a refund, you need to contact the organizer to request a refund.

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