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Will anyone else see my personal verification information?
Will anyone else see my personal verification information?
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No other member will ever see your personal verification information. 

We take safety very seriously here at Stitch, which is why we insist on verifying members to ensure that they are not scammers. But this dedication to safety also extends to making sure that any information we collect about our members does not compromise their safety – or ours – in any way.

That is why we delete all identity verification information once your account has been verified with us. 

This means that not only are you safe from other members seeing your identity, but that even if Stitch was attacked by hackers, none of your information would be at risk.

We have no need of your information once you've been verified. Deleting it immediately not only keeps you safe, it helps make Stitch less attractive to hackers too. Win, win!

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