Web browsers that Stitch supports:

Stitch tries to support as many web browsers as possible so that our members can easily use the Stitch website. Unfortunately, some older browsers don't support the latest web standards, so we have to draw a line at being able to support browsers that don't do so. See the list below to see if yours is compatible with Stitch.

If you do not see the version of your browser on this list, please make sure to update to the most recent version so that you can get Stitching and start meeting new companions today!

If you are unsure what browser you are currently using, click here to find out.

Safari: version 6 or above.

To update, click here.

Google Chrome: above version 20

To update, click here.

Mozilla Firefox: above version 20

To update, click here.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help updating your browser.

Operating Systems supported by the Stitch mobile app:

Stitch has mobile apps for both Apple iOS and Google Android. We officially support the following versions of each platform:

iOS: iOS 13 and later

Android: Android 9.0 and later

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