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What do the Stitch badges mean?
What do the Stitch badges mean?

What are the badges and what do they mean?

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Stitch badges are the colored boxes displayed to the right of a person’s profile picture within Stitch. They will typically look like this:

All badges indicate what and how much a member has positively contributed to the community.

Full Member Status Badges

Full members who positively contribute to the community receive Stitch Membership Points, which in turn helps them unlock higher Status levels on Stitch. These levels are distinguishable by Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond badges respectively.

Members with higher status levels stand out as people who frequently help others, and are often a good indicator of trustworthiness. They also earn additional privileges on Stitch, including access to additional features, rewards, discounted memberships, and more.

You can learn more about status levels and the Stitch Rewards program here.

Limited Member Badges

Limited members are members who have not yet opted to become a Full member of the community, and who remain on the "Limited" membership of Stitch. They cannot earn the aforementioned Status badges.

Limited members are able to attend Public events and activities, join Public Stitch interest groups, and participate in Public discussions but are limited from accessing the majority of the activities in the Stitch Community which are reserved for Full members and supporters only.

To reflect the limited access to the community Limited members receive, Limited members are shown with a grey "LIMITED" badge on their profile.

There are two variations of the badge:

Verified Limited members are distinguishable by the darker grey badge. They are able to attend Public events and activities, and take part in most real-world activities in the community. They cannot attend premium member-only events, or use Stitch's capabilities for connecting with other members online, such as group discussions and one-on-one messaging.

Unverified Limited members are distinguishable by the lighter grey badge. These members have joined Stitch but have not yet verified their accounts, and so often attend Public events held by Stitch Community Champions in order to get verified in person. Unverified members can attend events and activities, but cannot communicate with other Stitch members until they are verified.

Community Champion

The Community Champion badge is awarded to any member who has successfully held three Stitch events. Community Champions are trusted members of the community who in most cases are able to publish events and activities without needing review by the Stitch team.

Years of Membership

Full Members who have been with the community for more than 1 year will receive a blue badge indicating how many consecutive years they have supported Stitch. A member will lose this badge if they no longer support the community via a membership plan.

Number of Connections

Indicates the number of connections the member has in their Stitch Network, up to a maximum of 500 connections. If the member has greater than 500 connections, the badge will say "500+".

Premium Member

The Premium Member badge indicates a member who has supported Stitch by choosing a higher-level membership plan, either the Standard or Plus plan.

Stitch Team Members

Members of the Stitch team will be shown with the Stitch badge. Please say hello!

Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts belong to members who have upgraded their membership to a Stitch Pro account. Pro accounts are used by members who want to participate in the community for promotional, commercial, or semi-commercial purposes.

Pro account holders are only permitted to participate in the community if they comply with a strict set of guidelines. Specifically, Pro accounts must show they provide a positive impact on the community in some way, such as organizing activities that improve the health and well-being of Stitch members.

If you would like to upgrade to a Stitch Pro account, please contact us.

Partner Accounts

Partners of Stitch have limited access to the community in order to create events and activities that may be of interest to Stitch members. They are only able to attend activities and join groups that they organize themselves.

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