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About Stitch membership plans & pricing
About Stitch membership plans & pricing

An overview of the different Stitch membership plans, along with frequently asked questions

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Whether you want to simply Experience Stitch, Join the community, Connect with other members around shared interests, or Grow your network through Stitch, there is a membership option for you:

If you'd like a short overview of the different Stitch membership plans to help you choose the right one for you, we've put together this short video intro for you:

If you've already watched the video or would like more details, then please read on!

Stitch Membership Types

As outlined on the Stitch Membership page, Stitch has two membership types:

  • Limited Membership

  • Full Membership

A Limited membership is free, and gives members access to the public parts of the Stitch Community.

A Full membership has a small membership fee, and provides full access to the community, including member-only groups, events, activities and discussions. Full members are supporters of the community and help keep the community running.

There are several different membership plans for Full members, each based on what Stitch members are usually looking to do on Stitch. This article lays out all these options in detail.

(If you're interested, you can learn about why Stitch has both free and paid membership options in this article.)

Limited Memberships

A Limited membership is free, and is for new members who are just getting familiar with Stitch, or members who only want to participate in part of the Stitch community.

Limited members can access the "public" parts of the Stitch community, but not the parts of Stitch reserved for Full members only. They also have a limited time to respond to direct messages from community members.

That means Limited members can attend public events, join public groups, connect with other Limited Stitch members through open interest groups and discussions, and even create activities and events in areas where there isn't yet an established Stitch community.

Full Membership Plans

Full members of the community get unlimited access to all member-only events and activities, the ability to message other members, and a range of other benefits based on the membership plan they choose.

There are three different membership plans for Full members:

  • Basic

  • Standard

  • Plus

Let's break down the three different Full membership plans.

Basic Membership

The Basic membership is for members who want to participate in all the activities and interest groups the community has to offer.

That includes attending unlimited members-only events and activities, joining members-only groups and discussions, suggesting events and activities, and earning trust and status through the Stitch Rewards program.

Basic membership is primarily for members who simply want to join Stitch events and activities, without necessarily making lots of one-to-one connections via the Members page. Basic members only receive a limited ability to message other members via the Members page.

Standard Membership

The Standard membership plan is the plan we recommend for people who want to get the most out of being a member.

Standard membership is for those who want to fully participate in the community while also giving the greatest ability to connect with other members around shared interests. This includes using the Members page to welcome new members to the community, browsing profiles, organizing public Groups and creating public events and activities.

Standard members are also able to create Private Groups and Private Activities, to facilitate even stronger interpersonal connections with other members in the community.

We encourage all members who are fans of Stitch and would like to make the biggest contribution to the success of the community to choose the Standard membership plan.

Plus Membership

The Plus membership is for those who want the absolute maximum capabilities available to members of the community.

Plus members are given priority status and have far more abilities on Stitch, including the ability to create ticketed events, receive phone support, and more.

Members on the Plus plan have greater opportunities to expand their social network, as they have access to and can create Private Events and Groups, and Public Events.

The table below highlights the features available to each membership type:

If you're not yet a member of Stitch then some of the items in the table above may need a bit of explanation:

Group types: Regular vs Public vs Private

Members who create interest groups on Stitch get to choose between three groups types when creating a group:

  • Regular groups, which are for Full members only (i.e. anyone on a Community plan or above)

  • Public groups, which are for all verified members of Stitch

  • Private groups, which are only for the members you invite to your group. Events and discussions posted to a Private group can only be seen by members of the group.

Only Standard and Plus members will be able to create Public and Private groups. Groups created by Standard members can only contain up to 30 Limited members, while groups created by Plus members can have any number of Limited members.

Learn more about the different group types here.

Event attendees

Stitch organizers get to choose who to invite to their events. They include:

  • Any verified Stitch members, which are all members of Stitch

  • Full Members + New Members, which are Full members only, plus new Limited members. This allows new members who have just joined to come along to see what Stitch is all about before they decide to join.

  • Full Members Only, which are only for Full members of Stitch. Event organizers sometimes choose to create a Full Members Only event when they have limited space available or don't want to spend time introducing Stitch to new members.

Organizers may also create Private events, by creating them within Private Groups. Only members of the Private Group will be notified of the event and be able to see the event listed on Stitch.

Learn more here.

Browsing Profiles

The Members page on Stitch is where Stitch members can contact other members in their area directly for one-to-one connections. The Members page lets you view:

  • New members in your area

  • Members who live closest to you

  • Suggested members based on shared interests & other factors

The Basic plan is focused on joining the community for activities and events, which means members on this plan only get a limited ability to browse member profiles and make new connections.

The Standard plan, on the other hand, is intended for any members who are interested in connecting with other Stitch members directly. Standard plan members get unlimited access to the Members page, and can use it to reach out to new members in their area or connect with other like-minded members for one-to-one companionship.

Membership fees

Stitch membership fees are:

  • Limited: Free

  • Basic: $7 / month when paid annually ($84/year), or $20 / month

  • Standard: $10 / month when paid annually ($120/year), or $40 / month

  • Plus: $15 / month when paid annually ($180/year), or $60 / month

For members in the UK, the membership fees are:

  • Limited: Free

  • Basic: £4 / month when paid annually (£48/year), or £16 / month

  • Standard: £5 / month when paid annually (£60/year), or £20 / month

  • Plus: £8 / month when paid annually (£96/year), or £32 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Stitch membership pricing and how Stitch works. If you don't see an answer to your questions here, check out the rest of our help articles on the Stitch Help Center, or else feel free to send us a message!

Why are the annual plans so much cheaper than the monthly plan?

One thing we've learned at Stitch is that the best relationships don't happen by reading and dismissing thousands of profiles online. They happen by being engaged in the community, getting to know other members based on shared interests, and judging them by how they behave more than what they say about themselves on their profiles.

We've also learned that finding the best relationships takes time. So that's why we try to make our annual plans as attractive as possible, to encourage members to join the community for the full year, and maximize their chances of getting the most they can out of being part of Stitch.

Can I try Stitch for free before joining?

The Limited membership was designed to let you do more than just try Stitch for free ... you can stay a Limited member as long as you want! You will be invited to any public events and activities in your local area, which will let you come along to meet other Stitch members and find out what Stitch is all about.

If the Stitch Community isn't fully active in your area yet, you don't need to worry, you can stay a Limited member as long as you want for free. You'll be the first to know when other members in your area start organizing groups, events, and activities.

You can even start organizing activities in your area without needing to become a Full member first. Stitch isn't in every city just yet, but we don't expect our members to take out paid memberships until the community around them becomes active.

Of course, we hope that once you've had a taste for the Stitch community you'll eventually choose a paid membership so you can support what Stitch is doing, but that's completely up to you.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! If you don't want your membership to renew in the next billing period, just select Manage Subscription on the Membership page and cancel your renewal.

Can I switch between membership types?

Absolutely. If you've already selected one membership type and want to change to a different one, simply press the View more membership plans button on the Memberships page and select the new plan you'd like.

Are there any other fees and charges?

Stitch doesn't charge anything beyond the membership fees noted on our web site.

Please note, however, that our current credit card processing provider is a US-based company. This means that if you live outside the US, it is possible your bank will impose an international transaction fee when your membership is processed, even if we are charging in your local currency. Not all banks do this, and we don't think the charge is justified, but there isn't currently anything we can do to prevent them from charging you this extra fee. We will be working to implement a new payment gateway to remove these additional charges in the future.

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