How to refund attendance fees

How to give refunds to attendees of your activity

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For an overview of how payments for Stitch events and activities work, along with the rules and guidelines for both organizers and attendees, please refer to the help articles in the collection "Payments for Stitch Events & Activities".

As an event organizer of a ticketed event, you have the ability to issue refunds to attendees. You can choose to issue either a full refund or a partial refund, and you can also choose whether to refund the processing fee in addition to the fee you have received, or just refund the amount you received.

Please note: if you chose Stitch's standard refund policy for your ticketed event, the Stitch system will automatically refund attendees who cancel before the 7-day notification period. In all other cases, you need to issue a refund manually.

How to issue a refund

To issue a refund, first visit the Payment Settings page

  1. Select Profile & Settings from the More menu,

  2. Choose Payment Settings:

Then select Transactions:

Stitch will show you a list of all your transactions. Find the transaction you would like to refund, and select the red Refund link:

Stitch will ask you to confirm the amount you would like to refund:

The Transactions page will be updated to show your refund details:

Please note it may take a couple of days before your refund appears in the recipient's bank account.

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