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About Activity Suggestions
About Activity Suggestions

How to suggest an activity on Stitch, and how to respond to a Suggestion made by another member

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As outlined in our overview of Activities, Events & Suggestions, a Suggestion is simply an idea for an activity that you, or any other member, proposes to the community as a way to find other members interested in that activity.

By making a Suggestion, you are not committing to organize anything, you're just tossing an idea out to see who else is interested. Stitch simply requires that if you create a Suggestion and someone shows an interest, you respond to them.

The video below provides an overview of Suggestions, how they work, and when you might choose to make a Suggestion instead of organizing an Activity:

Where can I find the Suggestions made by members in my area?

The Activities page lists all Activities, Events and Suggestions for your area. You can navigate to the Activities page as follows:

  • Select Community from the top menu

  • Select Activities in the submenu

You will see a list of all the activities which have been posted by other Stitch members, as shown below:

Activity Suggestions

The text saying "Suggestion" on the card indicates that it's a suggestion, not a fully-organized activity yet.

If you click on a Suggestion, you will see it looks a little different from a regular activity. Instead of a button saying "Attend", that lets you register as an attendee, you will see a button that says "I'm interested", as shown below:

If you select I'm interested, Stitch will let the person who made the Suggestion know you are interested, and you should expect to hear back from them in a day or two.

And that's it! Once you're connected to the person who created the Suggestion, it's up to the two of you where you want to take it from there. If you discuss your idea and end up planning something, you can post it as an Activity if you'd like other members to come along, but you are also free to keep the activity between the two of you, it's totally up to you!

How do I create a Suggestion?

From the Activities page, select Suggest an Activity:

You'll then be shown the first page of the Activity creation process, which asks whether you want to organize an Activity, or simply make a Suggestion:

Select Suggest if you just want to make a Suggestion.

You'll then be prompted to enter some basic information, such as the title for your Suggestion, a personal message about your suggestion, relevant details, and an expiry date (if applicable).

Most notably, you won't be asked to enter a lot of the information required when creating a full Activity or Event. You won't need to provide a venue or location, for example, and you won't need to provide a date and time.

You may choose to provide an expiry date if your Suggestion is only going to be valid for a certain time, but you don't have to. If you suggest going to see Elton John's final concert tour, for example, and you know Elton's final concert in your city is on December 22nd, you would choose an expiry date of December 22nd to ensure the Suggestion is removed from Stitch after that date.

If you don't provide an expiry date, the Suggestion will remain listed on Stitch until either:

  • You delete the Suggestion, or

  • You stop responding to members who express an interest in your suggestions

What happens when someone expresses an interest in my Suggestions?

When someone selects I'm interested on one of your Suggestions, Stitch will send you a message telling you they are interested. At that point, it is up to you to reach out to them and send them a message.

How do I turn my suggestion into a scheduled activity?

Once one or two members have expressed an interest in your suggestion, it's natural that you might want to publish it as a scheduled activity, so that other members in the community can attend. Stitch makes it easy to create an activity from a suggestion: just open the details page for your suggestion and select the "Make this an activity" button at the top of the page, as shown in the image below:

Stitch will then duplicate all the details of your suggestion in a new activity, and you'll just need to add the additional required details such as the date, time, and location.

You'll also be prompted whether you would like the original suggestion to remain listed on Stitch after you publish your activity, or whether it can now be removed.

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