One thing that's great about Stitch is how many of our members meet romantic companions through Stitch – even get married in some cases – and still want to remain a member of the community. We think that's great as it tells you what Stitch is all about!

Usually those members don't want their profile being seen by other community members while browsing. Fortunately Stitch provides an easy way to prevent your profile from being seen, while still staying part of the community and receiving notifications about local member events and activities.

To set this up, simply do the following:

  1. Go to the Search Criteria page

  2. Turn the setting for "I am looking for friendship" to OFF

  3. Turn the setting for "I am looking for romance" to OFF

That's it! You can now continue to attend Stitch events and activities, and take part in all community activities, without your profile being seen by other members when they browse.

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