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Choosing your profile picture
Choosing your profile picture

How to choose and upload the right profile picture

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The primary profile picture you use for Stitch must meet certain criteria in order to comply with the Stitch community guidelines. We put these guidelines in place to make it easy for you to easily recognize other members when you view their profiles and subsequently want to meet at a Stitch event. 

The Stitch profile requirements are:

  • The photo must be a recent photo of you (taken in the last 6 months)

  • It must be a close up photo of your face

  • It must not be pixellated or low quality

  • It must contain only you – it should not contain multiple people

You can attach other photos to your profile which highlight other aspects of your personality, your family, or places that are important to you, but the primary photo must meet the above criteria.

To change your profile picture, go to the Profile Settings page by performing the following steps:

  • Select MORE in the top menu

  • Select Profile & Settings 

  • Click Your Profile


Your profile picture 

You have the ability to edit or replace your profile picture. To do so, follow these steps:

  • To edit your profile picture, hover over your picture and select edit main photo

  • To rotate your picture, select Rotation from the menu, then select the circular arrows in the direction you wish to rotate your image.

  • To align your picture, select Alignment from the menu, then select the up and down arrows in the direction you wish to move your image.

  • To replace your picture, select the Replace button.

Your image gallery 

You have the ability to add photos to your profile, edit them, and remove those you no longer wish to be viewable.  

  • To add a photo, select Add more photos from below your profile picture. You will be given the option to choose photos from your computer, your Facebook page, or even take a picture with your web cam. 

  • To edit a photo, select the one you wish to edit, then rotate it using the circular arrows to make sure that it's the best view.

  • To remove a photo, click Remove, and this photo will be deleted from your account. It will no longer be viewable.

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